A Bathroom Remodel?!

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The conversation started with Jim saying we needed to replace the bolts on the toilet since they were plastic and were broken.

“But don’t worry! It should be less than $10.” is what I recall hearing before heading out to Home Depot.
Several hours later and yet another trip or two to Home Depot we have a newly tiled floor AND a new facet for the sink.
How did that happen you ask? Have you met my husband yet?! If so, you know exactly how it happened and for those that don’t know Jim, let me start with telling you that he actually enjoys these sorts of projects, seeks them out and when he actually completes the project, he does a darned good job.
I mention “actually completely the project” because we still have a kitchen backsplash that hasn’t been grouted in over 2 years. We got new granite countertops, a new backsplash and all new appliances over the last 2 years; however, the grouting project is still waiting patiently to be completed. Me you ask? Not so patiently waiting at this point….. anyone know a good grouter that can finish this for me??
Back to the bathroom remodel…. what I was told is that the toilet obviously had a leak at some point (prior to our home purchase 3+ years ago) and because of this the floor rotted. I’m told that the toilet couldn’t be left on this rotting floor and therefore needed to be replaced. And instead of trying to replace the hardwood floors, we went with tile. I was also told that since we were taking out the pedestal sink already we might as well replace the facet since we didn’t care for it (it was gold and tacky looking). This is our main bathroom on the first floor of the house so it does get used alot. Especially with a potty training toddler.

And since Jim has tackled this type of project in the past he had all the necessary tools to complete this go-around. He knows me well enough to know that is the first question I ask “how many tools are going to need to be purchased in order to do this?” The second question involves the cost and the third is usually based around the length of time to complete.

By the way, I was never told the kitchen would take over 2 years to complete! I believe I was a weekend max. But moving on….

Jim really does a great job with all these handy projects around the house and for that I am thankful. It is a huge help to not have to hire it out to someone everytime we need something done.

The project took a little longer than expected (as they typically do!), but today the project was officially completed and all accessories were put back into place and the walkway was finally cleaned up.

At one point the floor was pink and this really concerned Ryan. “Oh! Daddy! What happened? What did you do? The floor is pink!” Ryan would repeat this over and over again just as surprised as the last time he walked by the bathroom.

Then of course, after the floor was tiled and the pink disappeared he was just as concerned “Oh! Daddy! Where did the pink floor go? What happened?” I think he was growing fond of the bright pink floor!

Ryan helped keep daddy on track with the bathroom remodel though and helped him every step of the way. He would crouch down and watch daddy very closely. And he’d ask a million questions throughout the whole process. And when daddy was done with that task, Ryan would put his hammer next to daddy’s hammer and would inform everyone “No touch Daddy and Ryan’s hammer. Ryan’s right there. Right there O-wee. Hammer next to daddys. No touch. You go time out, you touch.”

It was a bit of a challenging week with no main bathroom, a potty training toddler, two very inquisitive boys and everyone home on vacation over the last week. But we made it and the end result is very nice!
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