Umm… Mrs. Yahres….

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Does Ryan always talk this much at home too?!

The other night when I went to pick Ryan up in his room at school, one of the teachers very politely said to me “Ummm… Mrs. Yahres?” to which I answered in a slightly panicked voice “Yes?” to which she said “Does Ryan talk this much at home too? He just doesn’t stop talking all day long.” to which I of course answered “YEP! The kid does not stop talking ever.”
And we both laughed.

She said that he talks about everything he is doing; about everything he did the night before; about dropping O-wee off in his room that morning; about what the other kids are all doing. She said that he lays on his little cot and talks himself to sleep at naptime saying “Mo-gan (Morgan) needs to yay (lay) down and go seep.” and “Mac naughty. Mac need go nite-nite.” Ummm… not sure why Mac is naughty since obviously Ryan isn’t sleeping yet either! Or “I yay down and need cose eyes.” or “Ryan seep in big boy bed.” And the list goes on…..

His old teachers told me that after he moved out of their room and they were doing flashcards, they all looked at each other and got a sad look on their face. They all missed Ryan blurting out what was on the card and how it related to him. For instance…. when they got to the flashcard of a bed, Ryan would jump up out of his seat in the most excited voice you could imagine, exclaiming “Big boy bed!! Ryan have a big boy bed!! Ryan a big boy!!! Yah, Ryan have a big boy bed!!”

His old teachers didn’t realize how often of an occurance this was (with other cards as well) until Ryan wasn’t in their class anymore and they missed his little excited outburts!

So yes. I have a chatterbox on my hands that asks questions non-stop. And I’m not kidding either. The kid does not stop asking questions. “What are YOU doing?” and “Momma. What dat?” and “Momma. What O-wee doing?” or “What daddy doing?” or “Where Delta go?” and then repeat, repeat and repeat again. The exact same questions resulting in the exact same answers since the previous round of questions was just asked 10 seconds prior.

But I have to admit. I wouldn’t change any part of Ryan and his million questions. It makes him who he is with such an inquistive little mind. I love him exactly as he is. Even when my answers may be in an annoyed tone because I’m sooooo tired and just answered the same question several times already in the last 2 minutes. Even then, I love him exactly as he is.

I just fear that Owen will be the same way and I’ll have double the questions to be answering. Oh, help me.

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