Three Different Bowls…

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At dinner the other night, Ryan decided he wanted a different bowl for everything. I had made pasta for the boys with meatballs, spaghetti sauce and hamburger and Ryan had a seperate bowl for each portion of this meal.

Owen on the other hand didn’t care much and just ate like he always does. Everyone at school always comments on how great of an eater O-wee is. Quite the opposite of our picky little eater named Ryan.

Ryan now likes to feed Owen too. He needs to take care of his lil’ bro and will tell me each night “O-wee need sit near Ryan” and he has to have Owen’s seat pushed right up to his own. Of course he does get upset with Owen if he tries to take food from Ryan or tries to snag Ryan’s juice. Which to that he’ll tell Owen “O-wee, do again and go to time out. So so sad O-wee.”

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