Bring On Bathtime!

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No matter how crabby either of the boys are their moods instantly change when they hear the running water of the bathtub! They laugh; they giggle; they splash. They have a blast!

The only time we hear cries, whines and sometimes screams is when they have to get their hair rinsed. Neither mind the water on their head to initially get their hair wet; they tolerate the shampooing; but they hate getting their hair rinsed. And I’m not sure why since both kids willing put their face in the water and don’t have a fear of getting wet.

Daddy decided to get the shower sprayer out on this particular day to rinse their hair. And both boys seemed to enjoy it. Ryan also liked to drink the water from the sprayer!
Not sure how long this new, fun toy will last, but for now we’re enjoying a few less tears during the rinse cycle.
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