Delta Loves to Golf!

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Delta’s favorite game in the entire world is golfing in the backyard with a little whiffle ball. She freaks out when she sees the bright orange ball and starts running around the house whiny and crying.

I don’t remember how/why we started playing this game with her last summer, but now she is addicted. Every night after I put the boys to bed she meets me at the bottom of the stairs crying and whiny wanting to go out and “golf” in the backyard.

This particular night the whole family went out to enjoy the hot Atlanta weather. Ryan hit a few golf balls for Delta and laughed histerically when he’d swing and miss and Delta would take off running for the ball anyway. Then she’d realize Ryan missed and would come running back to him full speed ahead barking the whole way!

Delta was getting a little frustrated because after only a few hits Ryan decided “I need use lawn mower yike daddy does.” and so off he’d go pushing the lawn mower while Delta would sit and wait extremely impatiently.

Ryan would come back for a few more swings of the golf club and laugh and laugh at Delta. Ryan doesn’t realize how seriously Delta takes this game. It’s all business when she plays “golf” in the backyard.

At one point Ryan decided to switch to baseball (using a tennis ball) and Delta wasn’t real thrilled with this decision.

Daddy even got into the action and hit a few balls for Delta!

Owen just sat on the blanket and laughed at Delta and Ryan. He doesn’t care much for the feel of the grass so he just chills on the blanket and watches everything happening around him.

After several games of golf, baseball and lawn mowing, Delta was tuckered out and decided she needed to chill a bit too…….but not once did she let the ball drop out of her mouth. Because if she had she knew that someone would “golf” the ball again and off she’d go to chase it!

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