Ball Popper Time!

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Do you have a ball popper? If you do, you already know how addicted kids are to it. It’s loud, balls fly everywhere and it’s fun to put other random toys in it to see if they too will pop out like the balls do.

Ryan went through this stage when he was about a year old and now it’s Owen’s turn. This particular toy started annoying me because it so loud and so it went on toy rotation and was put in the attic for several months (probably closer to a year!). And just recently it surfaced again and Owen is loving it.

This particular day Owen decided to see if he could make a square-ish shaped lego piece fit into the circle opening.

Delta sat back and watched closely and when she thought she had it figured out she came over to help the little guy out.

But that didn’t work either so Owen decided to take a break for a little snack before trying something different.

Owen thinks…. “What do you think of this ball momma? Do you think this ball will fit?”
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