Potty Training Advise Needed!

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Ryan has been potty training for several months now. Very casually in the beginning, but now we’re at a point where I need some help and advise from those who have been through it already or know of any good pointers.

In an ideal situation, I would have started potty training and skipped the pull-ups and gone right to big boy underwear. I would have dealt with the “accidents” for a few weeks, got through it and been done.

But it’s not an ideal world so instead his new classroom at school requires them to wear pullups, but aren’t hard core potty training. So they put him on the potty every few hours (and he goes), but he continues to go in his pullups in between those potty breaks. And because his pullup is wet, they change it and that’s it. It’s basically like he is still in diapers except that pullups are more expensive and you get less of them per pack (so I’m ALWAYS at Target purchasing more!).

At home I try to use big boy Elmo underwear rather than pullups, but honestly we’re not at home for very many waking hours each day.

He is great about going potty when told to. He is typically excited to go and doesn’t argue at all, but we need to get to the point where he asks to go himself rather than us reminding him every hour. We use jelly beans and milkballs as incentives (which he loves!), but he just doesn’t think to ask to go without our prompting.

Every time I put on his pullup (or underwear) he will tell me “No go potty in un-er-wear Ryan. I say momma, I need go pee-pee potty. That’s what I say momma.” So he gets that he is supposed to go in the potty and not in his underwear, but then he doesn’t ask when he actually needs to go.

Have you been through this yet? Have you heard stories from your friends who have been through it? Do you have any advise to offer us? How can we get over this potty training hurdle and keep our sanity?

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