Life's Little Moments…. Ice Cream!

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Ryan and momma had to make a quick run to the grocery store for formula (yes, poor Owen was fresh out of formula!) tonight and since we were already out we had to stop at Carvels for ice cream. I mean, I’m just saying it made sense right?

Ryan was very proud of his little bowl of strawberry ice cream and he asked for a lid, carried it to the car and held it all the way home. I told him he could eat his in the car, but he said “No, I wait. I eat at home with mommy and daddy.” and so he sat silently in his carseat holding his ice cream.

Granted it was about 100 degrees in Atlanta today so the ice cream started melting fairly quickly. But Ryan didn’t care. He just sat holding his ice cream.

When we got home he jumped out of the minivan and said “I tell daddy I buy him ice cream. And I tell O-wee I buy him bottle.”

And as soon as the front door opened, Ryan made his announcements to the family. And immediately following that he asked if he could sit at his “yittle table” and eat his ice cream. And mommy agreed as long as he agreed that he wouldn’t spill while sitting at his little table which is in the toy room on carpet and harder to clean up a mess.

Ryan agreed and it was settled. He sat and ate quietly while mommy put O-wee night-night and daddy did something (not sure what though! Love you hon!).

When I came back downstairs I just stood and watched Ryan for a few minutes before he realized I was even there. He was seriously just sitting quietly, being very careful and enjoying every single bite of his ice cream.
It reminded me of one of my favorite stories my friend Jeff told me many, many years ago….. He had taken his nephew Anders (who was about 3 at the time) out for ice cream on a hot summer day. Both Jeff and Anders sat and ate their ice cream and talked about the day and other 3 year old stuff. After a few minutes Jeff realized that Anders had ice cream all over his face and dripping from his chin. Jeff pointed it out to Anders and then pointed out how clean his own face was and told Anders that he should try to eat his ice cream more neatly like Uncle Jeff. Anders sat and thought and thought for a few minutes and then came back and said, but Uncle Jeff, I’m enjoying my ice cream soooooo much more than you are. And to that Jeff laughed, but had to agree so they both went back to eating messy ice cream!

That story always cracks me up because it’s so true. Kids know how to enjoy life’s little moments and they don’t focus on being neat, being careful and they don’t get stressed about the little things. They just enjoy life for what it’s worth at the moment.

Here is my little guy enjoying his ice cream with just a little on his chin…..

Take time to enjoy life’s little moments this weekend. And if you get a little ice cream on your chin remember that it’s ok. It means you’re enjoying it!
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