Ryan's Many Faces….

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Ryan and Owen both have very distinct personalities and are very expressive. You can read their moods clearly in their facial expressions and tonight at dinner Ryan decided to be goofy and wanted me to take pictures of him doing different faces so that he could see them on the camera. Not sure how dinner time turned to this direction, but it was fun! Sometimes you just need to go with the flow. And this coming from a planner. Yep, I’m the one who struggles most with the unplanned activities, but after having two kids I’ve learned to let go of certain things (well I kind of have!).

This is Ryan trying to be serious. I’m not sure he knew what the word serious meant when I told him to be that though.

This one was Ryan’s idea and he wanted me to take a picture of him shaking his head. I’m not sure what he expected to see in the photo since I don’t have the Nikon D90 which is able to take video clips. Hint, hint to anyone wanting to donate one to me!! ha ha!

Happy Ryan. This is my sweet, sweet boy who smiles and laughs and is goofy most of the time. He does have his moments of tempertantrums; doesn’t listen and is all around naughty. But when we have those moments, it’s this smile that gets me through it.

So, so sad Ryan. He wanted to show a sad face like O-wee does when he sticks out his bottom lip. Nobody can do the bottom lip like O-wee though.

This is Ryan doing fishie-face. It needed several photos to accomplish the fishie look though. Especially because he kept laughing through doing it.

This is Ryan growling like a grizzly bear. We read “Bear Snores On” everynight and we growl and sneeze and blubber on like the grizzly bear does. This was Ryan immitating that bear.

And here is Ryan being silly and sticking out his tongue. What a goofy little kid. He loves doing faces and acting silly and who wouldn’t with a little brother who laughs histerically at you? A full time audience that thinks you’re the greatest thing ever!!

Enjoy all of life’s little moments. Take a few minutes to appreciate each and every face of your family, friends and little ones. Even the four legged kind have expressions! Ours is telling us she’s hot and wants to come in and clean up the mess the kids made at dinner…..

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