Summer Equals Pool Time!

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I live with two fishies, Ryan and Owen. They both absolutely love water and have zero fear of it. That can be good and bad. I wouldn’t mind if they were a tad bit nervous around the water since Ryan feels the need to “Swim myself momma. No help. I swim self.” and he has zero idea how to actually swim.

Owen splashes, kicks and doesn’t mind getting his face wet. He lays back and enjoys his floaty and new found summer activity. Chill-axin in the pool. Chill-axin… that’s a combination of chillin’ and relaxin.

Today started out a little overcast and chilly, but that didn’t stop us from hitting the pool. Ryan was so excited that Grace (and parents) would be joining us today for a poolside fun. That is all he has talked about for 2 days now and everytime he goes down for a nap or bed, he’ll ask “Momma. I take nap and I wake up and go swimming with Gace (Grace). Yeah, I do. I go swimming with Gace.”

So today was finally the day and when he woke up he was thrilled to hear that today Grace was coming over to swim. We packed up brats and hotdogs and oodles of snacks and drinks and off to the pool we went in the overcast chilly weather. I should probably clarify that chilly in Atlanta is in the mid-high 70’s so it really wasn’t that cold.

I don’t have any pictures of Ryan and Grace together swimming since I had forgotten the camera at home and daddy had to bring it to the pool when Owen woke up from his nap. By that point Grace had to head home and we weren’t able to get photos of the kids together. Bummer. We’ve already discussed doing this pool party play date as often as possible this summer so there will be more photo opps I’m sure.
Ryan loves his Mickey Mouse floaters (thank goodness!) and wears them all the time. Here he was just sitting on the pool steps playing with the bucket and shovel and doing his own thing (of course within arms length from mommy & daddy).

Owen on the other hand was perfecting his chill-axin moves. He was loving life hanging in this floater today. He had a little playtime with daddy and loves to run his hand under the running water. Although in these photos he looks a little grumpy and as if he’s pushing the water and bucket away. Not the case though.

Ryan walked around picking up trash with the tongs (from grilling) and carried them to the trash and then put it in. He was having a blast and being so quiet and good. Except of course when he’d pick something up with the tongs he’d scream and then shout “I did it!! I picked it up!” and Owen of course would laugh histerically. Seriously, Owen thinks Ryan is the funniest thing in the world. I love it.
All in all, what a great day. Minus the fact that we couldn’t find a sitter for our date night tonight so we had to cancel. Bummer.
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