Going to Big Canoe!

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If you haven’t been to Big Canoe, Georgia then you are missing out! Big Canoe is located in the north Georgia mountains and has hiking trails, narrow winding mountain roads with a cute little church a huge lake and several kiddie swimming pools. The views are beautiful! Granted it’s not the Rocky Mountains (missing Denver and everyone there!!!), but it’s the next best thing to the Rockies.

Grandad Jim and Grandmom Janice call Big Canoe home and we love going to visit them! Last weekend we went up for the day since Ryan and Owen hadn’t seen them in awhile. Ryan has been asking to see Grandad and Grandmom alot lately too so we figured why not? Ryan has a little blue suitcase shaped like a train and we always pack toys and books in there when we go to Big Canoe. So recently Ryan will be busy playing in his toy room and he’ll look at me and say “Momma, I need to pack suitcase and go to dad-dad’s, k?”
Granted we can’t go everytime he makes this request, but this last weekend I said “Ok Ryan. Pack your suitcase and we’ll go see Grandad!” He looked surprised, but he filled the suitcase to the brim with toys and books for him and for O-wee. He kept telling me “Oh. Momma. O-wee need this toy too.” and in the suitcase would go another toy for Owen. Such a nice big brother.
We started out early on Sunday for the hour or so drive and spent the entire day with Grandad and Grandmom. Ryan and Owen both had a blast! They played and played and played. Owen was intrigued with their two little doggies and the little pups (Tucker and Jasper) were just as intrigued with Owen.

After naptime we all went on a hike and Ryan got to walk Jasper! He was absolutely thrilled and so, so proud of himself that he got to hold the leash all by himself. Jasper would try to get over to the grass to grab a bite and Ryan would pull the leash and say “No Jas-er. No eat grass. Naughty. You get sick.” and then he would flash a big proud smile at us.

Every now and again he would hand the leash off to dad-dad or Grandmom and take a juice break. I didn’t blame him because it was HOT out there! Sorry to all of you who were freezing cold up in WI/MN, but we were sweating buckets on the hilly hiking path.

After hydrating Ryan would run over and take Jasper’s leash again and proudly walk the little pup. Jasper of course would flash a look like “Are you kidding me?! You’re letting HIM walk me again?!”

Ryan decided to take a break from the walking and hopped a ride in the stroller for awhile. Thank you granddad for pushing the two heavy boys on the hills and through the gravel. Mommy couldn’t do it!!

Not to mention the absolutely enormous hill that we had to walk back up to get home. Ugh. That’s all I can say. I was sweating by the top, Ryan was too and the poor dogs were barely breathing. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that hill was brutal! Owen of course took it like a champ and wasn’t winded in the least. Of course that’s because he just hung out in the stroller, kicking his legs, drinking some juice and enjoying the view.

Thanks Granddad and Grandmom for a great day! Ryan is still talking about the day and tells me everynight that he walked Jasper and he’ll say “Momma. Ryan say ‘Jasper. No eat grass. You get sick.’ I say that momma.” and then give me a hug smile. So, so proud of himself.
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