Owen Changes Every Day….

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So our little guy is changing and learning something new every day. On May 21st we woke up and looked at the video monitor and Owen was SITTING in his crib!! He has never gotten from a lay down position to a sitting position on his own.

Of course, I ran up to his room and burst in the door clapping and saying very excitedly “Yah O-wee!! Yah!!” and Owen just sat there with this huge grin on his face looking so proud. My sweet, sweet O-wee.

Over Memorial weekend Owen also started doing the army crawl. He can get up on all fours and rock back and forth and sometimes he even lifts his knees off the ground so he’s “standing” on his hands and feet with his butt arched into the air, but when it comes to actually moving, he will go flat on his belly and kick his legs and pull his body with his arms in this army sort of crawl. It’s actually pretty funny, but he certainly can get around.

He is now very mobile and goes from one end of the room to the other and if the gates are open he moves into another room in the blink of an eye. Well maybe not that quickly, but rather in several blinks of an eye.

He is also quite the little dancer and will sway his head back and forth with the music and bop up and down. He will bop to any kind of music too (including Ryan singing ABCs to him!).

I should also mention (incase he makes us millions someday) that already at 9 months old he is quite the little golfer. He loves to sit (or lay) and swing the plastic club (flat on the floor) back and forth on the carpet and hit the ball around. He will then army crawl over to where the ball is and swing the club again to hit the ball. He loves it! And he’s good at it. I’ll try to get some video of it soon. If only we had that Nikon D90 where I could take photos AND video clips all in the same piece of equipment!! I can dream right?

Owen is also following in his big brothers foot steps and loves to vacuum. We actually bought Ryan a real big boy cordless vacuum since he was constantly pushing around his little toy Dirt Devil. So yes, he now actually vacuums the toy room nonstop and Owen is right behind him with the toy Dirt Devil. Ryan decided that Owen can have the “baby vac” now that he has his own “big boy vac”. They are going to make great husbands some day!
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