Summer is Here and It's Time to BBQ!

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The boys were party animals on Saturday night and stayed up WAY past their bedtime. Owen typically starts melting down around 6:40pm and is sound asleep in bed by 7:00pm. I’m not sure the boy has ever seen the night past 7:30pm. He is like clockwork and likes to snuggle up and cozy down early for a good night’s rest. Ryan typically goes down between 7:30pm and 8:00pm, but can make it later if needed.

Well on Saturday night the boys were up until after 10:00pm!! Even O-wee was still going at that time with zero melt downs for either boy.

We went over to “Gace house for cheeseburgers” as Ryan repeated to us all day long because he was so excited. He would tell Owen, “O-wee we go see Gace and eat cheeseburgers dinner night”

All of this translates to us going over to Malinda, Drew & Grace’s house to BBQ and have a few drinks. What a great night it turned out to be! The boys had a blast playing with Grace and I believe Grace had an equally fun time with the boys.

She was very gentle and sweet to Owen and wanted to take care of him all night; I think she’s ready to be a big sister (hint, hint Malinda!!).

Owen LOVED the apple pie and ice cream. After the first bite we received a look that basically said “Why have you been holding out on me parents? This stuff is yummy!”

The kids blew bubbles, played with Gumbo (the dog) and made a mess! They ran around inside and outside and went up and down. Of course they were all icky and sticky and dirty by the end of the night (see dirty bananas post for another sampling of dirty) so we ended up throwing all the kids in the tub together for a little scrubbing before heading home for bed.
Grace and Ryan read a few stories in Grace’s big girl bed (we told them this is going to be unexceptable in a few years, but for now it’s still cute).

On the way home, Ryan said “Momma. I go home and I tell De-ta ‘ De-ta, I play Umbo night.’ And momma. I tell De-ta ‘De-ta, I play Gace and eat cheeseburgers night too.” I warned Ryan that Delta wasn’t going to be too happy to hear that he was playing with Grace’s dog Gumbo while she was locked in her crate for the evening. But Ryan didn’t seem to care. He was really excited to tell Delta what he did that night. And when we got home, he did just that. And as I warned, Delta wasn’t too excited and spent most of the night sniffing and licking us trying to figure out why “her” family cheated on her. Poor Delta.

The boys were finally tucked into bed (Owen in his crib and Ryan in his big boy bed!) and sound asleep and it was 10:20pm! What kind of parents are we?! But boy did they have fun. And so did Jim and I. It had been awhile since we had seen Malinda and Drew and we always have a great time with them. Whenever we do get together we always say that we need to do this more often and yet time gets away in between and too many weeks go by before we do it again. This time, I mean it though. We are going to do it again soon!! That’s my warning to you Malinda 🙂
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