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Umm… Mrs. Yahres….

.Does Ryan always talk this much at home too?! The other night when I went to pick Ryan up in his room at school, one of the teachers very politely said to me “Ummm… Mrs. Yahres?” to which I answered in a slightly panicked voice “Yes?” to which she said “Does Ryan talk this much […]


.It was 19 years ago today that I lost my dad to cancer. It’s a day that I think about often. People always say that time heals all wounds, but I think heal is a bit of a stretch. There are certain things that can never be healed. And this is one of them.For some […]

Owen is Officially Crawling!!

.I will post a video and photos soon, but Owen is officially crawling now. He was doing his own version of crawling and was all over this house with his “army crawl”, but over the last few days has mastered being up on all fours and cruising all over chasing Ryan and taking toys from […]

Three Different Bowls…

.At dinner the other night, Ryan decided he wanted a different bowl for everything. I had made pasta for the boys with meatballs, spaghetti sauce and hamburger and Ryan had a seperate bowl for each portion of this meal.Owen on the other hand didn’t care much and just ate like he always does. Everyone at […]

Bring On Bathtime!

.No matter how crabby either of the boys are their moods instantly change when they hear the running water of the bathtub! They laugh; they giggle; they splash. They have a blast! The only time we hear cries, whines and sometimes screams is when they have to get their hair rinsed. Neither mind the water […]

Delta Loves to Golf!

.Delta’s favorite game in the entire world is golfing in the backyard with a little whiffle ball. She freaks out when she sees the bright orange ball and starts running around the house whiny and crying. I don’t remember how/why we started playing this game with her last summer, but now she is addicted. Every […]

Ball Popper Time!

.Do you have a ball popper? If you do, you already know how addicted kids are to it. It’s loud, balls fly everywhere and it’s fun to put other random toys in it to see if they too will pop out like the balls do. Ryan went through this stage when he was about a […]

Life's Little Moments…. Ice Cream!

. Ryan and momma had to make a quick run to the grocery store for formula (yes, poor Owen was fresh out of formula!) tonight and since we were already out we had to stop at Carvels for ice cream. I mean, I’m just saying it made sense right? Ryan was very proud of his […]

Potty Training Advise Needed!

.Ryan has been potty training for several months now. Very casually in the beginning, but now we’re at a point where I need some help and advise from those who have been through it already or know of any good pointers.In an ideal situation, I would have started potty training and skipped the pull-ups and […]

Owen's Version of Crawling….

.Owen likes to do things his way. He doesn’t follow the lead of his big brother (well, sometimes he does), but he dances to the beat of his own music and likes to do things a little differently than everyone else. This includes crawling. He doesn’t do your typical crawl and I don’t think he […]

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