Ga-Ma & Ga-Pa Come to ATL!

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Last Thursday Grandma Ellie came to Atlanta to visit us. Ryan was very excited about this and all the way to school that morning he kept telling me that Ga-Ma was coming to his house after school. Daddy, Ga-Ma, Ryan and Owen went out for pizza and had a blast. I hear that Ryan wasn’t so warm and friendly with Ga-Ma at first, but it didn’t take long for this to change. Owen was a different story; he didn’t really warm up after a long day at school and very little napping. Unfortunately, I had a big event that night for the association I work for (SHRM-Atlanta) and didn’t get home until really late so I missed all the fun.

Friday, Ga-Ma and mommy spent the morning at Spa Sydell and mommy had a much, much, MUCH needed hot stone massage and pedicure. It was awesome! At first I couldn’t imagine being able to relax after the not so great few weeks I’ve had, but with the first hot stone, I gave in and was completely zoned out. It was awesome.

Saturday morning Ga-Pa Paul flew in too! Ryan was so excited to see him after nap and it was the first thing he said when he woke up “Ga-Pa here. I go downstairs see Ga-Pa momma.” Ryan had a blast the rest of the evening and played and played and played. Again, Owen wasn’t so sure of yet another stranger in HIS house.

Ga-Pa brought matching hats for the boys and Owen LOVED his. Ryan wouldn’t keep his on long, but he liked to wear it anytime we gave O-wee attention in his.

We attempted some pics of the boys together, but as usual they wouldn’t cooperate at the same time. I do love the first one of them looking at each other and even though you can’t see their faces clearly you can tell how much they truly do love each other!! Oh… brotherly love.

On Sunday morning we were going to go out for breakfast and then get family photos taken, but when our phone rang at 5:45am on Sunday morning, we figured it couldn’t be good news. And it wasn’t. Ga-Pa Paul fell getting out of the shower and fractured his wrist so they were heading to the ER. First of all, why did anyone willing get up that early in the morning? And already getting OUT of the shower? Man… we were still sound asleep snug in our bed and Ga-Ma and Ga-Pa were already getting ready for the day. They are more ambitious than these two tired parents!!
When Ga-Ma and Ga-Pa arrived at our house, Ryan was amazed with this big cast/wrap on Ga-Pa’s arm. He just kept saying over and over again “Ga-Pa got a boo-boo. Ga-Pa got a BIIIIIG ban-aid.” Ryan was very concerned and would have kissed his arm a million times throughout the day if he could have. He really did have a good time with Ga-Ma Ellie and Ga-Pa Paul!
And still, O-wee wasn’t so sure about these two people. He seemed to be ok as long as mommy or daddy were around, but just wasn’t sure what to make of the situation when mommy and daddy walked out of the room and left him. Or if he left our arms for anyone elses.

It was a great weekend despite Ga-Pa’s boo-boo and now we are looking forward to more Kohl family fun in December when we all go on a cruise together. Should make for some interesting posts…. you won’t want to miss reading about that adventure with two toddlers!!
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