Hello Baby Vicks Rub!

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I have commented numerous times about how great Ryan does with his big boy bed. He takes naps and goes night-night very well. He doesn’t get off his bed and he is just so good. He will lay there all snug and read books or sing or talk, but never does he get off his bed before we come in.

Today was the exception to that norm. Jim heard Ryan making very quiet noises in his room about the time he should be waking up from nap so he went in there to find quite the surprise.

Ryan was covered (and I mean absolutely covered!) in Baby Vicks Rub!! Yes, it was in his hair, on his shirt, all over his arms, all over his face (cheeks, forehead, nose, eyes, chin!!) and even down his legs.

When he was caught (BUSTED!), he just innocently looked up and said in a quiet and sweet voice “Hi momma. I put on.” Yes Ryan, you did put on!! He ended up with a bath and then after dinner a shower. The Vicks still isn’t out of his air and every now and then when you look at him you see a little shiny shimmer and yep, the Vicks reappears again!

Did I mention it was the ENTIRE tub of Vicks?!?!

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