Day Lillies Are Blooming!

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Our day lillies started blooming last week and I wanted to get some photos of them this year. So why not take advantage of the semi-good moods of Ryan and Owen and try to capture a few of the boys together. This quickly turned disaster and we had to go inside because Ryan kept picking the flowers and he refused to sit too close to O-wee because he kept saying “no sit near O-wee. O-wee take Ryan’s fowers.”

I couldn’t blame him though. Owen really was trying to take Ryan’s flowers. But Ryan shouldn’t have picked the flower in the first place, so I’m not sure who was in more trouble at that point. Luckily for Owen, his sweet and innocent face saves him everytime!

Enjoy my attempt at what I originally thought would be a perfect photo opp! I hope this weekend’s photos go better at Portrait Innovations….
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