Music For Megan & Mito Fest Needs YOUR Help!!

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The planning for the 3rd Annual Music for Megan & Mito Fest is kicking off. And my sister-in-law Laura could really use some additional help this year.

Laura is having to deal with alot of new mito complications that Megan has recently been encountering. Megan has been having consistent seizures and continues to stop breathing randomly. Megan is now on 24 hour O2 which is helping, but hasn’t completely eliminated the breathing issues. She has also started a medication to help with the seizures, but it hasn’t eliminated them. Learn more about Megan on her carepage here.

What I am asking from all of my friends, family and business contacts is to please donate to this cause this year. I know it’s a tough economy and finances may not be as secure as they once were, but pay it forward. Please think of little Megan and all she has been going through this year already. Your donation doesn’t need to be monetary. It can be a product, a service or even your time. Everything counts and would be appreciated.

There will be a silent auction and raffle drawing at the concert. Do you have something you could donate for this? A restaurant or store gift card; a round of golf; sporting tickets; photography sessions; gift baskets; spa certificates; movie passes; monogramming; etc.

Or if you have a few small items you would like to donate, I could assemble some gift baskets. Maybe we could put together a family fun night basket and collect board games, playing cards, popcorn and movie gift cards. Or maybe a Crayola fun basket with all different types of art supplies and paper and coloring books? If you are willing to donate even one of these items, I would be happy to collect the items and put these baskets together. It’s only a few dollars from each person and it’s going to such a great cause.

Anything you can do would be appreciated. Please email me at if you are interested in helping.

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