Potty Training Mishap Today….

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Around noon today my phone rang and it came up Sunbrook Academy. This always makes my heart sink not knowing what I’m going to hear on the other end of the line. Are one of the boys sick? Hurt? Did one of them get bit? Need to go home?

For a few months I would receive calls pretty regularly that Ryan was bit at school by one of his friends. There were several biters in his last class and since Ryan wouldn’t fight back nor would he bite back, he would be the one to be bit pretty regularly. Poor little guy.

Then it moved into calls regarding Owen. With ear infection after ear infection he was sent home pretty regularly with fevers.

These are typically the only reasons that we receive calls from Sunbrook. Today was a little different though.

Ms. Christina started the call with “everyone is fine so don’t worry.” Ok, good. Relief.

Then she continued with “In all my years here, I’ve never had to make a call quite like this one.” Ok, so now what should I expect to hear??

She went on to say that Ryan had a potty training mishap and while flushing the toilet, he slipped and fell and hit his forehead on the potty. He had a small bump and a bruise, but he was fine.

Leave it to Ryan. Our proud little guy who has become a pro at going pee-pee in the potty and has now been instructed to come to school with underwear on Monday, just slipped and fell into the potty. Oh, sweet Ryan.

I also have to take the opportunity to document this hilarious little routine of his…. after he goes pee-pee in the potty, he wants to put the lid down and he will whisper to himself while lowering it “Gentle Ryan. Put yid down gentle. Careful.” and once the lid is securely down (gently) he will look at me and say “ring doorbell momma. I need ring doorbell.”

Seriously, I have absolutely, positively no idea why he thinks flushing the toilet is the same as ringing the doorbell, but he tells me this every single time. “momma. I need ring doorbell.” I do correct him and tell him he can flush the potty, but he will just say “no momma. I ring doorbell.”

Ok Ryan. You go right ahead and ring the doorbell. I really don’t want the day to come that you stop saying this. It’s such a Ryan statement and I love it.

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