Not Crawling Yet….

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Owen isn’t crawling yet, but man does he try! He has been getting up on all 4’s for awhile now and he’ll rock back and forth and bit and then sprawl out. He tends to scoot backward rather than forward and he also likes to pull himself around in a circle on his belly. He also rolls to reach the things just slightly out of arm’s length.

He’s pretty funny moving all around and sure can get from one end of a room to another and back again. I think it takes talent to do all of this without crawling! I keep telling him that it would be easier for him if he’d just crawl. He smiles and laughs.
Ryan enjoys trying to teach his little brother how to crawl. They certainly are the bestest of friends!

Sweet, sweet O-wee. BTW, he gets his double-jointed elbows from his mommy.

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