Ryan's a BIG Boy!!

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I think I mentioned in an earlier post that Ryan moved up to Senior Toddler A on Monday at school. In his new “big boy room” he has to wear pullups and they really focus on potty training. We LOVE this since it’s going to be a huge cost saver for us if he could be out of diapers (and eventually pullups!).

So to help with this we have been focusing on potty training at home as well. Right now it’s just coincidence whether or not he goes; he doesn’t ask to go on the potty, but rather we need to remind him to sit down on it. And we need to remind him that he will get a jellybean. And then HE reminds us that he gets TWO jellybeans. One red; one orange.

Since last Friday, he has gone “peepee on the potty” several times every day and boy is he proud of himself when he does. He gets a surprised look on his face and then the biggest grin from ear to ear and he will say very excitedly, but also matter of factly “I go peepee potty. I need red, orange.”

He will run to tell daddy, Owen, Delta or mommy – basically anyone who isn’t in the bathroom when he goes. He will also say very matter of factly “I’m a big boy!”

I cannot believe he’s already at this stage… where does the time go?!

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