Good Dinner Choice??

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This post is for my friend Dee who recently wondered on her blog (Our Sweet Baby Girl) what it would be like to feed Ava (her little girl) pasta with red sauce. Well Dee… here you go!

It’s been a particularly rough 2+ weeks with work, transitions to new rooms at daycare for both boys, Owen’s tubes, ear infections and colds. Today was no exception. Every unplanned thing that could have happened today, happened at 4:15pm as I was trying to leave. I left late, was crabby and stressed and wasn’t so happy to pick up an extremely cranky and emotional 2 year old from school. He started out fine, but by the time we got to the van, Ryan was in tears for no reason. Owen on the other hand was all smiles and laughing at everything for no reason.

While Ryan thought that a good dinner for the evening should consist of dinosaurs (aka fruit snacks), a rice krispie treat and dry Fruit Loops, mommy and daddy thought spaghetti was more appropriate.

Several emotional crying tantrum breakdowns later (from Ryan; not mommy), we were sitting down to dinner. Well everyone except for Ryan since he absolutely refused to eat spaghetti since mommy said he needed to take his uniform shirt off and change into something else or stay “nake” (aka naked). He stood in the laundry room alone sobbing. He wouldn’t talk to anyone or let anyone look at him; he just stood there sobbing.

But back to Dee and the results of red sauce and an infant….

Owen absolutely LOVED spaghetti!! I went ahead and stripped him down to his diaper (he was nake) and let him go at the spaghetti on his own. He gobbled it up, would suck each noodle and then would smack his lips together after each bite. He was hilarious!

So while Ryan was throwing his emotional fit, Owen was thoroughly enjoying his first taste of spaghetti. And while it was extremely messy and we had noodles and red sauce everywhere from the floor to the high chair to Owen and even a little on the trash can and some on the wall, I would give it to him again in a heartbeat! Well, at least on a bath night I would…. following dinner he went straight from highchair to bathtub with Delta following behind as noodles fell off of him.

Even though the day was a tough one and mommy had little to no patience tonight, it all changed when watching O-wee eat (and enjoy!) his dinner. He really is such a cutie pie!! When he’s not throwing a temper tantrum anyway 😉

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