25 Of My Favorite Things About Ryan

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1. He is very, VERY stubborn. This was reconfirmed today at school when his current teacher (Ms. Tywanna) said that she warned his next teachers that when he gets into one of his moods it is best to just let him be. He will come out of it; however, he needs to do so on his own.

2. He likes order and routine and things to be in their spot. He definitely gets this from mommy.

3. He is a big helper. He will go get diapers, wipes, toys, bottles, blankets or whatever else you could possibly need. He will throw things in the trash; he will pick up toys and he will put remotes away. Sometimes in places where it takes us a LONG time to find them again.

4. He announces when he goes poop and he will back up to me so that I can check his diaper. Apparently I have said one too many times to “Come here and let me check to see if you pooped” because now he just comes over to show me before I can ask.

5. He loves to discipline and boss Delta around. “Get on bed Delta!” “In house Delta.” “You naughty!” “No Delta!”

6. He is learning to go pee-pee in the potty and if you offer him a lollipop if he goes, he will sit on the potty for 30 minutes trying! He will not give up because he knows he won’t get the lollipop if he doesn’t actually go.

7. He is very opinionated. It’s extremely difficult to persuade him to do something different than what he wants to. We always have to make the “idea” his “idea”… he gets this from daddy 🙂 He will argue and argue and argue with you about which shoes he is wearing to school. I typically want him to wear his cute summer sandals and he typically wants to wear his Spiderman water shoes. Sometimes you have to pick and choose your battles and he ends up at school in water shoes!!

8. He loves to read books. He will sit and read quietly by himself for a long time!!

9. He loves to be a BIG BOY! And he will tell O-wee over and over again “Ryan a big boy O-wee.”

10. He likes to try to send Owen to “time out” any chance he has. “O-wee you drop a-gan and you go time out.” Owen is yet to actually go to time out, but Ryan definitely trys to send him there.

11. He likes to ski on Wii Fit. He is actually pretty good too!

12. He already has a girlfriend, Addie.

13. He loves to sing “Happy Birthday!”

14. He has quite the arm on him and can throw a ball like you wouldn’t believe. I haven’t decided if this is good or bad yet because on one hand he could make a really good baseball pitcher, but on the other hand I may end up with a few broken windows over the years.

15. He likes to plant flowers with mommy. Well I think he likes the digging in the dirt part the best, but it’s still quality time together.

16. He likes to eat “dinosaurs” which are actually fruit snacks. He “NEEDS” them 24/7 and would eat them for every meal if we allowed him to.

17. He is really good at eating corn on the cob and doesn’t leave many spare kernels. It’s the cutest thing to hear him crunch as he bites into it!

18. He loves Elmo and Ela-shant (Horton Hears a Who).

19. He knows that Wednesday is trash truck day and it’s the only day of the week that he will hurry to get dressed and get downstairs so he doesn’t miss the “Men drive trash trucks”. Every week we go outside and wave to them.

20. If he gets in trouble for something I will kneel down next to him and make him look at me so I can explain what he did that sent him to time out. I will tell him “Ryan, you hit mommy and that’s why you went to time out. Are you supposed to hit?” and his response is “Yeeees….” and I will quickly say “No, you’re not supopsed to hit” so then he will quickly change his response and say “nooooo.” It’s really cute when you have two sad blue eyes and a pouty lip looking at you answering the questions incorrectly.

21. He loves Strawberry milk. And he asks for it 24/7 along with the dinosaurs.

22. He mimicks everything we say or do and then looks at us with the big proud smile.

23. He loves to do art projects including coloring, painting and playing “pay bo” which translates to playdough. He will sit at his art center and concentrate so hard on his project.

24. He loves to snuggle as long as it’s on his terms. At night he will cuddle in with us and read a million books in his big boy bed if we let him. We usually limit it to 3-4, but he would definitely stay snuggled for a million more.

25. He quite often will tell me “I need momma” and then will come over and wrap his little 2 year old arms around me. Seriously, how does that not melt your heart?!

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