25 Of My Favorite Things About Owen

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1. He is extremely stubborn too. I’m sensing a pattern here with our kids.

2. He has a contagious smile that lights up his face.

3. He has the biggest (and I mean biggest) pouty lip you have ever seen. And he’s not afraid to use it. If he is unhappy about something, he will stick that bottom lip out and scrunch up his face. It makes everyone jumpt to his need. Not necessarily a good thing!

4. He loves to watch his big brother and will laugh histerically at him for no reason.

5. He is a tv addict already. And he doesn’t care what it is that is on tv; he will watch it.

6. He is a snuggler. And a good one!

7. He loves to play “SOOOO BIG!” and peek a boo and laughs over and over again.

8. He loves to eat real food. He doesn’t care so much for bottles and baby food, but boy can he devour pasta!

9. He loves to play!

10. He is learning to like the feel of grass. He’s not quite sure yet, but he’s trying 🙂

11. He is very determined.

12. He isn’t good with the whole “cry it out” theory. It does not work for him because he doesn’t stop or give in; we do. But as soon as you pick him up he’s out cold.

13. He keeps the house running on “Owen time” and when he wants something, he typically wants it RIGHT now.

14. He loves Milo and laughs and smiles and babbles when Milo walks past him. Right now Milo thinks Owen is “safe” because he’s not moving much yet and can’t capture Milo. But Owen is on the verge of crawling so watch out Milo!!

15. Delta scares Owen most of the time. Delta is quick and barks and Owen isn’t a fan of quick abrupt movements nor loud noises if they are too close to him. I don’t blame him since Delta is bigger than he is!

16. He hates to get dressed and undressed and I have no idea why.

17. He loves bathtime and splashes and kicks and babbles and laughs nonstop in the tub.

18. He loves to play ball and knows how to roll it back and forth to someone and he gets all excited and claps for himself when he does it correctly.

19. He loves to wear hats. He knows it’s there and he just smiles and touches the top of his head with his hat on it. He looks so proud to be wearing them.

20. He will not wear socks. We put them on him everyday and the first thing he does is grab on and pull them both off. He likes to chew on them for some reason?!

21. He loves his two silky soft blankets and his Grover. He snuggles up with them each night and it settles him right to sleep.

22. He smiles huge and kicks his legs in the morning with excitement when we walk in his bedroom and turn on the light. He loves mornings! He doesn’t get this from either Jim or I; he’s on his own on this one.

23. He loves cheerios and puffs.

24. He loves to do what Ryan does. And he gets a very proud look when he does whatever it is that he’s trying to do.

25. He has the sweetest most bashful face when he sees you. He will bury his head into your shoulder and kick his legs in excitement. It doesn’t matter how bad of a day I’ve had, but when I walk into daycare and he gives me this reaction, it turns everything around.

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