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Ryan is at the age now where his imagination amazes me. I love to sneak into a room when he’s playing alone and just listen to him. On this particular night he was playing with his big car carrier truck and was loading and unloading it. He had a little man standing along side the car carrier and he was saying “ok. nother one.” and then he would back up a car and go “beep, beep, beep.” as he backed it into the car carrier. Then he would pick up the man and talk for him saying “awesome job.”

These are all things we constantly do and I constantely tell him “awesome job Ryan! high five!” and so these are the things he nows does. He plays cars the same way daddy does; he repeats what we tell him; he has conversations for the little men just as we do. It amazes me that he has picked up on it all and repeats it correctly in the right context.
While Ryan was busy focusing on his cars and trucks and little men, Owen was being a little ham. He now knows how to wave, play SOOOO big!, and he absolutely loves to play peek-a-boo. Since Ryan was good on his own, mommy had some fun with Owen and taking pics.

Owen kept throwing his head back (so he couldn’t see me laying on the floor) so I would say “Where did O-wee go?” and then when he would bring his head back down to look at me laughing as I would say “Oh! There he is!!” This game just did not get old for him. He would laugh and laugh and make the funniest faces as he did it.

I swear there was nothing up there but the ceiling to look at. Ryan was off playing quietly on the other side of the room and I was laying on the floor taking pictures. Daddy was in the kitchen making dinner.
After this game tiring (for momma, not Owen) we then played a round or two of “SO BIG!” with Owen again laughing the whole time.
And following that, Owen decided it was really fun to press his lips together and try to blow, but he was doing it so the air didn’t come through his lips. Strange, but he had a blast.
The expressions of this little guy are the greatest. I love his expressive faces and how when he gets upset he presses his lips together and then sticks out his bottom lip. And I mean sticks it out and it just breaks your heart. And he absolutely knows this too. Everyone runs to him immediately and cuddles and snuggles him. He has everyone (mommy, daddy, teachers and pretty much any adult who sees this face) wrapped around his little finger.
But then really, look at this face and tell me you could let him cry?! NOPE! He has it all figured out already and he’s doing a darn good job of keeping it all “his way!”
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