Owen’s Ear Tube Surgery…A SUCCESS!

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What an ear tube factory they have going on at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta (CHoA)! It was such an easy and smooth morning and went so quickly I couldn’t even believe it. It can seriously take longer for us at the normal pediatrician’s office when we go for a quick sick visit. But at CHoA… what a breeze!

As I mentioned before daddy and mommy had to tag-team and split the kids since Owen needed to arrive at 6:30am and the daycare didn’t open until 6:30am. So Owen and mommy left the house at about 5:45am and headed to the hospital. When we arrived just before 6:30am I really expected it to be quiet and calm upon opening the door to. NOPE! The place was absolutely packed with adults and small kids everywhere (most of whom were still in pjs!). There wasn’t many open seats in the waiting room either. It was insane!! But yet, the staff was all very organized and as soon as we walked in the room they greeted us and got us signed in and ready to go.

Owen just kept looking around the room and watched the other kids in amazement. I kept watching the staff as they checked each kid in and interacted with them and made them all feel at ease for whatever type of surgery they were there for. The staff and nurses were truly some of the best!

While we were completing our paperwork, daddy arrived and the nurse came to tell us that they were bumping UP our surgery time! That was such great news since I was really expecting to be delayed (especially since we always are at our normal pediatrician).

They took Owen’s vitals and we were off to the pre-op room. They had a little itty bitty baby hospital gown for Owen (so, so cute!) and the anaesthetist came in to discuss everything with us. Then the doctor came in quickly to talk to us and we were set.

Daddy went back with Owen when they put him under because mommy seriously didn’t think she could handle it. It only took about a minute and he was out. Jim and I were then escorted to post-op and within about 10 minutes they were wheeling Owen in to us.

He came in the room in a big boy hospital bed and his head was propped on a pillow and his little jaw was wide open as he just slept so peacefully. It was actually pretty sweet and a bit funny to see him like this snoozing away.

The doctor came in and said that everything went great; he went under peacefully and didn’t have any issues. However, he did have alot of fluid in both ears so we are already on the ear drops. Just another confirmation that he REALLY needed these tubes!!

While we sat and waited for Owen to wake up we saw 4-5 other little kiddos being wheeled past with cotton in their ears so they obviously had tubes as well. Such a little factory they have going on with the tubes. They know what they are doing that’s for sure!

Owen woke up on his own after a few minutes and he sucked down some juice and then a bottle and we were on our way. From start to finish (arrival time of 6:30am and departure time of 8:45am) we were in and out in less 2.5 hours. Amazing!!

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. Owen played and played and played. He talked and cooed and seemed to be singing and bopping to the music that he was making. He seemed to pick up on sounds that he hadn’t been before. He seemed to be so happy and so full of life again. We didn’t realize how cranky and fussy he was becoming since he was probably in constant pain and had constant irritation with one ear infection after another.

Now our next mission…. crawling! He’s almost there and I’m sure in the next week or two we’ll be posting about this new state of chaos our house will be in when this little man takes off. He’s up on all fours and rocking back and forth and ready to go, but he just hasn’t “gone” yet. Don’t ask me why I’m anxious for this to happen because I know it’s going to be an adjustment having him roaming around with Ryan and Delta. He’s definitely going to be a little trouble maker….

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