Owen's Ear Tube Surgery…

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We have to be at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (CHoA) at 6:30am tomorrow morning for Owen’s outpatient surgery to have his tubes placed in his ears. His surgery time is for 8:20am.

Of course this timing presents a slight challenge since daycare doesn’t open until 6:30am so we can’t drop Ryan off until the time we actually need to be arriving at CHoA. Which means that Jim and I will actually have to drive seperately in the morning and tag-team getting everyone out the door on time and hopefully without any temper tantrums and such. I’m not getting my hopes up though since we’ll be having to wake both kids and Owen won’t be able to have a bottle or eat after midnight tonight. For anyone who knows Owen, you know he loves his eating time so I’m a little nervous about this. Actually, I’ll be honest…. I’m alot nervous about this.

And to top it all off, we couldn’t be without a little drama today leading up to the whole outpatient surgery. Not only was it difficult to finally get the surgery time from the scheduler and get a commitment from them that we didn’t need to be seen in advance for a pre-op, but at 3:45pm today we received a call from daycare that Owen was running a temperature of 100.5 and needed to be sent home.

Once we received the daycare call it was yet another round of calls to the surgery scheduler to determine if we could still proceed with the plans for tomorrow. She said to proceed as planned; however, we could be turned away in the morning depending on whether he gets worse and his fever increases.

Keep your fingers crossed and prayers coming that we can proceed as planned tomorrow and that all goes well. Poor Owen needs to have this ear infection situation resolved and to let his little body be off of antibiotics. It’s ridiculous how much he has been on them since Christmas!

We’ll post again once we are back home tomorrow. I have some really cute pictures to post as well, but I’m far too tired tonight to upload them from the camera. Sorry!

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