O-wee James….

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Well, it’s not his birth name, but it’s what he’s been called lately. ALOT. Since we call Ryan “Ryan James” quite often, he has now taken to calling Owen “O-wee James” as well. Granted Ryan James is actually his name whereas O-wee is Owen Henry.

Conversations at the dinner table go something like this each night:

Momma: “Ryan eat your dinner. O-wee um! Open up.”

Ryan: “I all done. I need jelly beans.”

Momma: “Ryan, you’re not all done. Eat some more pasta.”

Owen: Drops his water cup off the highchair.

Ryan: “Oh no. O-wee drop his cup A-GAN! O-wee no drop cup. Drop a-gan and go timeout.” Ryan picks up Owens cup and hands it to him.

Owen: Drops his water cup off the highchair and laughs.

Ryan: “O-wee James! No drop cup a-gan! O-wee James go timeout. Momma, O-wee need go timeout. O-wee drop cup a-gan.”

Ryan is quite the big brother. He loves to take care of everybody and everything. He sets the table each night for dinner. And grandad if you are reading this, I want you to know that he sets a fork at “your” chair everynight and tells us all “it’s for dad-dad.”

Tonight while playing the toyroom, I walked out for a second and Owen started crying. Ryan went and sat by him and handed him a toy and said “es ok O-wee. Momma be riiiiiight back.”

Seriously, he is one sweet kid. He likes rules and routine and his independance. He likes to do things “by self.”

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