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What's Up With THIS Face?!

. Really? Seriously, O-wee what’s up with all these funny faces!?!? I really do love your expressions little man…they are classic “O-wee” looks.

Ga-Ma & Ga-Pa Come to ATL!

.Last Thursday Grandma Ellie came to Atlanta to visit us. Ryan was very excited about this and all the way to school that morning he kept telling me that Ga-Ma was coming to his house after school. Daddy, Ga-Ma, Ryan and Owen went out for pizza and had a blast. I hear that Ryan wasn’t […]

Mitochondrial Needs Your Help, Support & Awareness….

.Support Music For Megan & Mito Fest Your support brings…HOPE. ENERGY. LIFE. Saturday, September 26, 2009Wills Park Equestrian Center in Alpharetta, GeorgiaFestival begins 4pm Concert begins 7pmTickets: $25/Family or $10/IndividualLearn More on the Music For Megan website here.

Hello Baby Vicks Rub!

.I have commented numerous times about how great Ryan does with his big boy bed. He takes naps and goes night-night very well. He doesn’t get off his bed and he is just so good. He will lay there all snug and read books or sing or talk, but never does he get off his […]

First Day in Big Boy Classrooms….

.Ryan and Owen started in their “big boy” classrooms back on May 11th. Of course, mommy had to take photos to document this move. Ryan has to wear a uniform shirt now. This could have gone two ways… 1.) He could hate having to wear this uniform shirt and we could struggle every single day […]

Day Lillies Are Blooming!

.Our day lillies started blooming last week and I wanted to get some photos of them this year. So why not take advantage of the semi-good moods of Ryan and Owen and try to capture a few of the boys together. This quickly turned disaster and we had to go inside because Ryan kept picking […]

Music For Megan & Mito Fest Needs YOUR Help!!

.The planning for the 3rd Annual Music for Megan & Mito Fest is kicking off. And my sister-in-law Laura could really use some additional help this year.Laura is having to deal with alot of new mito complications that Megan has recently been encountering. Megan has been having consistent seizures and continues to stop breathing randomly. […]

Potty Training Mishap Today….

.Around noon today my phone rang and it came up Sunbrook Academy. This always makes my heart sink not knowing what I’m going to hear on the other end of the line. Are one of the boys sick? Hurt? Did one of them get bit? Need to go home?For a few months I would receive […]

Muscle Man!

. After dinner tonight we decided to go for a wagon ride through the ‘hood. Ryan was determined that he wasn’t going to ride in the wagon, but rather he wanted to pull O-wee. I don’t think he realized that Owen just weighed in at 21 pounds 10 ounces at his 9 month appointment on […]

Not Crawling Yet….

. Owen isn’t crawling yet, but man does he try! He has been getting up on all 4’s for awhile now and he’ll rock back and forth and bit and then sprawl out. He tends to scoot backward rather than forward and he also likes to pull himself around in a circle on his belly. […]

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