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The other night after reading a few of our favorite books (Bear Snores On; I Love You As Much; Do Like a Duck Does; and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish just to name a few), Ryan and I were just laying in his big boy bed talking about his day.

The conversation went like this:

Momma: “What did you do at school today Ryan?”
Ryan: “I play with Wana.”
Momma: “That’s it? You played with Ms. Tywana?”
Ryan: “Yea, I play with Wana outside.”
Momma: “Did you learn anything today? Did you color or say your ABCs or do flashcards?”
Ryan: “No. I just play with Wana outside.”

Everyday I try to prompt him to tell me what he actually did in school, but this is the same conversation we have night after night. This is the only response he gives when you ask what he did at school. Ms. Tywana is one of his teachers in Toddler B at Sunbrook Academy; Ms. Fawzia is his other teacher. He absolutely loves them both and talks about them all the time. He is moving up to the next classroom in a few weeks and I’m already anticipating a really, really rough few weeks of adjustment.

Back to the other night though. After our “what did you do at school today” conversation, I told Ryan it was time to “snug” and go “nite-nite” and we had to be quiet now. So we lay there for a few minutes and all of a sudden he breaks into song….

“ba ba back sheep have any wool? yes sir three bags full. one for mater. one for dame. one for yittle boy. ba ba back sheep have any wool?”

At first I had to refrain from laughing. It was the sweetest little voice trying to sing me to sleep. He was concentrating very hard to sing “in tune” and raised and lowered the pitch of his voice as he sang. Granted it was all off, but he was trying so hard and was so focused and so serious.

But then my eyes started filling with tears because it made me flash back to when I was a little girl. Before bed, I used to love going in my mom & dad’s room to watch tv since I didn’t have a tv in my bedroom. When it was time to go to sleep my dad would shut off the tv and I would lay there and sing to him until either him or I fell asleep. Sometimes he would sing along and other times it was just me singing, but it is a memory that I hold close to my heart.

On June 28th it will be 19 years since I lost my dad. And there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of him and miss him with all my heart.

And this little moment with Ryan made my heart melt remembering my own family memories growing up….

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