Mahnah Mahnah….

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The other night Jim started singing Mahnah Mahnah while getting the kids ready for bed. They sang this over and over and over until I finally went upstairs to find out what was going on. Much to my surprise, daddy, Owen and Ryan were all in the office watching Mahnah Mahnah on YouTube.

Ryan very excitedly exclaimed “momma! I watch Ma-na-ma!” O-wee was just excited to be pulling at every cord he could possibly get to (along with banging on the keyboard, reaching for the mouse and pulling papers down).

After watching it several times, we convinced the boys it was time for bed and Mahnah Mahnah was all done. Or as Ryan would say “no more momma. es it.”

Jim has continued to sing this (ridiculous) song over and over again since then so a few nights later when we were on Skype with Ga-ma and Ga-pa (no Ta-fee), Ryan decided he NEEDED to watch “ma-na-ma”. He started by asking daddy to find man-na-ma. When daddy didn’t listen, he told daddy he needed to watch ma-na-ma. When daddy still didn’t listen, Ryan said he NEEDED ma-na-ma.

Then much to my surprise, Ryan reached for his mouse (he has a mouse that isn’t connected to anything) and said “Ryan find ma-na-ma” and he very busily moved the mouse around and scrolled up and down as he watched the computer screen (as if he was really looking for Mahnah Mahnah).

Daddy finally caved at that point and found it for him. He made the screen small and put it in the corner so we could still Skype with Ga-ma and Ga-pa, but as soon as it started to play Ryan was thrilled. He clapped and got a huge smile and said “Yeah Ryan! I find ma-na-ma! Momma, I find ma-na-ma!!” and then he sat back and stared at the video clip.

Ga-ma and Ga-pa thought it was hilarious how he just sat there with his mouth open staring and watching. This is one techy kid already. He knows that we can find just about any video clip on the computer that he would want to watch and will ask for whatever random thing he has on his mind. When we tell him that it’s not on t.v. right now he will proceed to tell us that it’s “on puter momma. Find on puter.” (puter = computer)

So daily we continue to sing Mahnah Mahnah around our house. And by “we” I actually mean Jim. And when he starts signing it, Ryan wants to watch it. The cycle continues….. Mahnah Mahnah, na na na na, Mahnah Mahnah…..

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