Since When is Planting Flowers Dangerous?!

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Well, perhaps mommy should have paid attention to the huge warning posted on the Bumbo. Don’t place on tables; don’t place on uneven surface, yada, yada, yada.

Daddy has been complaining about the patch of grass by our mailbox. This little patch of grass sits between the sidewalk and the street and is tough to mow because of the very small amount of space to get around the mailbox without going off the curb or into the driveway. So , this Saturday morning mommy, Ryan and Owen decided to dig up that grass and plant some flowers so daddy doesn’t have to mow it.

Ryan was a HUGE helper. Well as huge of a helper as a 2 year old can be anyway. And if any of you have a two year old or know a two year old, you know that they aren’t always as “helpful” as they think they are being. Well today, he was actually being helpful, but after a short period of time helping, he decided he “needed” to go to Home Depot with daddy to run some errands.
Mommy and Owen were left behind to finish digging up the grass, spreading the dirt and planting the flowers. You know, the tough stuff. At 9am it was already extremely hot in Atlanta so both mommy and Owen were sweating. Owen was helping in his little 8 month old way and was busy trying to lift the shovel and move it. It was a little heavy for him though so he decided to try to R—E—A—C—H for the pretty flowers and dirt.

That is where we ran into trouble. Owen was sitting in his Bumbo on the driveway and I did notice that it was at a very, very slight angle, but wanted to keep him in the shade so I left at this very slight angle. That was a mistake because as he was R—E—A—C—H—I—N—G for the flowers and dirt, he toppled right over and of course scraped up the side of his face.
Poor pumpkin. I felt absolutely terrible that he fell over. He didn’t cry hardly at all. I think he was more surprised and scared than he was hurt. He barely hit the ground before I grabbed him, but he did get a scrape to show his battle scar (aka flower planting scar).

I told him he better come up with a cooler story for his friends at school on Monday other than, “I fell out of my Bumbo.”

Everytime Ryan looks at him he comes to tell me in his little concerned voice “momma. O-wee need ban-aid. O-wee NEED ban-aid. Poor O-wee got boo-boo” and he leans over and kisses it.

Again, my poor baby O-wee.

Ryan on the other hand was absolutely thrilled when I told him that he could help water the flowers with the hose. He didn’t quite get the concept that if he turned around with the hose in hand, the hose went with him and sprayed everything in its path. Needless to say we all got a little wet while Ryan watered the flowers. And so did the house, the car, the sidewalk, the lawn chair, the bag of dirt, the wheelbarrow, the shelves, etc.

What me? I got everything wet? No, that was O-wee that did it…..

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