Where There is Food…..There is Delta!!!

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The other day, Owen was very busy eating puffs and every time I looked over at him, the puffs were gone. I couldn’t imagine how he was eating them so quickly, but I kept filling his tray with more puffs to keep him busy while I was making dinner. I would turn my back and he would be giggling and laughing and when I would look the puffs would be gone again.

The culprit…. yep. Delta. Or as we sometimes call her for short “D”. Yep! She was standing right along side Owen gobbling up the puffs as he would grab a handful, hand them over to Delta and laugh like crazy. While all of this was going on, Ryan was busy sitting on the floor in the kitchen with a box of Cheerios ignoring it all. He loves to eat cereal straight from the box. Well, when he’s not busy eating “dinosaurs” that is. I should mention that fruit snacks in our house are more commonly known as “dinosaurs”. Well no sooner did I scold Delta for eating all the puffs, she disappeared. I dumped some more on Owen’s tray and went back to making dinner. Not even a few minutes later, I hear “No Delta. No eat Ryan’s cereal.” Yep, there she was busy trying to eat the cereal as Ryan scooped it out of the box.

This morning mommy made french toast while daddy got the boys up and even though they were as yummy as could be, Ryan didn’t finish his. I had left it sitting on the table and a few short hours later it disappeared. I didn’t think too much about it because I thought maybe Jim or even Ryan had eaten the leftovers on the plate. Nope, no such luck! Delta snagged it off the table and goobled it up.

And a few hours after that, I came into the house after planting flowers and I caught Delta eating the other leftover french toast that hadn’t been thrown out yet. Yep! Again!!

She’s very guilty when she does this and she knows she is in the wrong. Even if you don’t “catch” her in the act, she sees you and runs directly into her crate with her tail between her legs. She knows better, but because the food is so good (in comparison to her dog food!), she is willing to deal with the consequences and she continues to “steal” food off the counter. Naughty dog!

It was quickly determined that where ever there is food…. there is Delta!

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