Easter – Take TWO!

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Even though Momma and Ryan had a great time in Wisconsin at Ga-Ma and Ga-Pa’s for Easter, we decided to do Easter again this past weekend with O-wee and Daddy too.

After all, it was Owen’s 1st Easter and he wanted to take part in dying Easter eggs. Daddy started the morning picking up some yummy doughnuts for breakfast and momma got the eggs, bowls of dye and paper towels ready.

Ryan was an old pro at this. He had plenty of practice last weekend and was so excited when he figured out what we were doing again. He had a big smile and exclaimed “Yay! Dye E-ere eggs momma!! O-wee dye E-ere eggs too?”
Owen of course just laughed at this since he truly believes his brother is the funniest thing on Earth.

Ryan examined each egg to determine if they were “ready” to be done. Granted, he would usually say “all done momma.” about 10 seconds after he would DROP them into the bowls. There was nothing “gentle” about the eggs being placed into the bowls and as a matter of fact, most cracked on their way into the dye. Oh well. It makes for a colorful egg salad sandwhich!

Owen followed Ryan’s lead and also examined the eggs. He wanted to spin them to make sure they were completely covered in dye. He wanted to be “thorough” during this process unlike his older brother.
It was a great morning and the boys had a blast. Maybe we’ll do this EVERY Sunday morning!
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