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Sylvie and Ryan hadn’t seen each other in about a year and they picked up right where they left off. Well not quite, but the idea is there. Last year Sylvie wasn’t even crawling so playtime together wasn’t quite as much fun as this time around.

Let me back up to Shanna’s and my friendship. We have been best friends for years; since 4th grade actually. Over the years we have very rarely lived in the same city. Growing up we were just across the bridge from each other (Superior to Duluth) and then in college we were a several hour drive from each other (Minneapolis to Superior) and then finally we lived in the same city and actually lived together for awhile. I lived in Minneapolis for about 6 years and loved it. I love all the lakes and outdoor activities (yes – ALL seasons even winter!!). I played volleyball on several different leagues and enjoyed my fair share of happy hours. But after about 6 years I decided it was time for a change and I was off to Denver where I spent several years. Loved it there as well, but after only a few short years, Jim and I decided to make a move to Atlanta to be closer to his family.

I’m off topic…. back to last weekend. Ryan and I arrived in Minneapolis and headed straight over to see Shanna and Sylvie. The kids seemed very excited to see each other and started playing together immediately. It was a nice spring day in Mpls so we headed out to play in the sand, kick the soccer ball around and do a little painting in the driveway. The kids had a great time and did a pretty good job of sharing.

Here is a quick little video clip of them busy painting and not even paying attention to each other.

After too short of a visit we had to head out in order to avoid some of the holiday weekend traffic going north and in order to make it to Ga-Ma’s for dinner and bed. For several miles after we left Sylvie’s house, Ryan kept saying “bye-bye Sylvie. See you ‘morrow!”

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