Why Wear Pants?!

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No need for pants this weekend. At least for Owen that is. He can’t keep them on long enough to make it worthwhile so we’ve decided to just skip them today.

I believe I’m on poopy diaper #487 since Friday. Oh, and bath #372. I would like to think we’ve got one clean kid on our hands with so many baths, but that’s really not the case. Every one of those baths were due to the fact we didn’t know where else to put him to get his clothes off after the diaper explosions. Not to mention with every shirt that goes over the head the hair needs washing as well.

He’s been on a bland diet of bananas, rice cereal and a little applesauce here and there. And he has also discovered that he likes Pedialyte® which he guzzled last night around 11pm when he refused to sleep.

And speaking of not sleeping, he only took one nap today. Granted it was for over 3 hours, but he is now starting to fade and still has an hour till bed. And I’m sure at least 4 more diapers and 3 more baths and several more shirt changes. Still no pants on. Our washer is definitely getting its use of the sanitary wash cycle this weekend!!

And I’m sure Ryan is next to get this stomach bug……

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