BIG Big Boy Bed….

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With all the traveling we’ve been doing this month (some planned, some unplanned) Ryan has had an opportunity to sleep in a BIG big boy bed. Not just a little big boy bed (aka – toddler bed).

So on Friday night as he was getting ready for bed and putting his pjs on, we suggested to him that we go out this weekend to get a BIG big boy bed. He got the most excited look on his face and screamed and jumped up and down clapping his hands “Yah!! BIIIIG big boy bed. Ryan gets a BIIIIG big boy bed!”

And so that was it. Our weekend plans were made because after that excitement we certainly couldn’t disappoint the little man.

Saturday morning we woke up and one of the first things Ryan said was “I get BIIIIG big boy bed today.” We packed up with the boys and we were off to find the perfect bed.

Our first stop and our decision was made. We got a full size bed, strapped it to the roof of the van (which Ryan thought was REALLY cool) and we were heading home. Easy enough.

Then the mission for new sheets began. We settled for some plain ol’ navy blue ones which match his room perfectly. Daddy suggested Elmo and Ryan whole heartedly agreed, but none could be found. Bummer. Granted we only went to one store, but this was ok by mom since Elmo wouldn’t match the Pottery Barn airplane decor currently in his room. However, I wouldn’t be opposed to a spare set of Elmo if anyone knows where to pick some up at.

Daddy spent a great deal of time rearranging Ryan’s bedroom and setting up his new bed. It’s no easy task to do all this (or so I’m told). The whole family was up in Ryan’s room trying to help where we could, but mostly we were all just in the way for daddy.

With the bed against the wall and in the corner as it is, I have realized it is extremely hard to make. It took alot of manuevering to get the mattress pad, sheets and quilt on it. I was sweating when the whole bed was finally made up and look cute enough to take photos.

After it was all put together, Ryan was one of the most excited little boys I have EVER seen. He was literally jumping up and down, clapping his hands and screaming “Ryan’s BIIIIIG big boy bed!!!” He refused to let anyone sit on the bed because as he simply said “no, no momma. That’s Ryan’s BIIIIG big boy bed.” We did; however, convince him to let Owen sit on it with him just long enough to take some pics of the new bedroom set up.
That was a mistake. No sooner did Owen sit down and momma turned to get the camera, Owen puked all over the bedding. Ugh. Seriously?! I was still sweating from putting it all together and now I had to take it apart to wash it.

The quilt was stripped off before the photos were taken so it’s not as cute as with the quilt on, but you can at least see how excited Ryan truly is to be in a BIIIIG big boy bed.
And with that the bath water was run, boys were plopped in and night-night time was here. NO complaints when Ryan was told to hop into bed for storytime. Every now and then as we were reading books, he would tap my arm and say “Yook momma. Ryan WAAAAY up!”

Oh, and he couldn’t be without the FisherPrice Rainforest music player. This used to hand in his crib, then was moved to the toddler bed and Ryan refused to let us convince him that he didn’t need it on his bed. “No momma. I DO need it. Right here. Put it riiiiiiight here.” And so it is now on his BIIIIG big boy bed. I guess you’re never to old for a little rainforest music and monkeys.

Ryan did a great job sleeping in his new bed. He is now officially a BIIIIG big boy (minus the rainforest player).
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