Quick Update on Arlo….

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This information is provided via my cousin Theresa (Arlo’s Auntie)…..

After close to a 3 hour surgery (in Minneapolis, MN), Arlo is doing well. They removed the tumor & kidney. They are very confident that they got everything. They also check his other organ’s & “stuff” and all looks well. They will do a biopsy on the tumor and should have the results Monday. That will decide if he has to have chemo. or not. The pediatric specialists are pretty certain that it was malignant, (Wilm’s Tumor is what they believe it to be, mayoclinic.com has good info on it). The tumor grew very fast, but they have to do the biopsy to confirm. The chemo will be done in Duluth, MN should he need it, they were told that in young children the side effects are not so severe and they respond well to the treatment.

Thanks for all your warm thoughts, messages & prayers! Please continue to pray not only for 8 month old Arlo, but his mommy, daddy and big brother as well. I know they are all tired and overwhelmed, but staying strong and positive.

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