Yahres Family Vacation!

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Mickey, Donald, Goofy and Pluto. Oh and the ER. What a weekend; what a vacation.

It all started about 2 weeks ago, when we decided last minute we needed to get out of ATL. And fast. We haven’t been away from our house (as a family) in almost a year and without much notice we jumped in the car and headed to Orlando for a long weekend.

Our vacation definitely threw us some curveballs from beginning to end, but boy did we have a great time. The boys were absolutely amazing. Smiling, laughing and well behaved. They really seemed to bond on the vacation. Ryan couldn’t stop hugging Owen!!

Two days before we left for our trip, Jim’s grandfather (Jim’s dad’s dad) passed away in PA. We really wish we could have been there with the family during this time. Although we did hear a rumor there might be a Yahres family reunion?? We’d LOVE for that to happen!!

The day before we left, Owen got yet ANOTHER ear infection. The poor kid was ear infection free for about 4 days before getting this one. I believe this was ear infection #6 or #7 since Christmas; I’ve lost count. Ridiculous if you should ask me. They kept thinking this would be the last of the season, but Owen kept getting just one more. And one more. And yet one more.

The doctor gave him a shot of antibiotics and also put him on Augmentin. She also (finally) gave us a referral to an ENT for tubes. She said he’d be fine and to still go on our trip. So we filled the prescription and we were off the next day!

It was a long car drive (about 7 hours), but the boys did awesome. Owen napped and Ryan watched “Ela-shant” (more commonly known as Horton Hears a Who) over and over and over. A little Elmo & the Firetruck was thrown in there, but mostly it was “Ela-shant” again and again. Hey – don’t judge until you’ve driven 7+ hours with a 2 year old and 7 month old!!

We arrived in Orlando way past bedtime and the boys had no part of sleeping. They were ready to see the town at 11pm! Apparently they have heard stories from momma’s crazy nights out in Orlando (no comments please!).

The next morning we woke to rain. And I mean RAIN! It was pouring down and thundering. Nice start to our first official vacation day. And to top it off, Owen woke with a rash all over his belly along with a terrible diaper rash. We kept an eye on it and the rash seemed to come and go throughout the morning so we weren’t too alarmed and thought it could have just been a heat rash or something.

Since it was raining and we were stuck inside for awhile, Ryan spent his morning making a list of everything he wanted to see and do in Disney!

By noon the sky was breaking, the sun was shining and mommy and daddy were ready to go. The first item on Ryan’s list was Downtown Disney so off we went for some lunch and site seeing. We ate at a dinosaur restaurant which Ryan just loved. I’m not sure if Owen was loving the scenery or the actual food, but regardless he had fun too.

If you know Ryan, you know he loves dinosaurs. Granted the kind he always needs are the fruit snack shaped dinosaur ones, but a dinosaur is a dinosaur right? “Momma, I NEED din-a-saurs. Momma I NEED them.” I always try to tell him he just WANTS them and doesn’t NEED them, but I stand corrected every single time. “No momma. No, I NEED din-a-saurs.”

After a fun afternoon we headed to the hotel for a little nap (yep, parents too!) and some dinner. We also had a full kitchen so we were able to cook at the hotel and didn’t need to venture out for every meal. Ryan loved eating out on the screened-in porch. He would go sit out there even if the rest of us didn’t go out. He would watch the ducks in the little pond below and listen to the kids at the pool. And of course, he’d constantly ask “oh, momma. What men doing?” He loves watching people and needs to know everything they are doing at every moment.

Immediately following dinner, Ryan stated “I NEED to go swimming.” Yes, again the whole want versus need, but I was on his side this time. I needed to go swimming too. So off we went to the pool.
We had a relaxing night, both boys went to bed and mommy and daddy enjoyed some wine. Aaaah….. vacation. I love vacation. Why don’t we do vacations more often?! Oh yeah, the cost of them. Lacey – do you think you could sell a sponsorship for our next family vacation? We’ll give them advertising on our blog!!

On to Saturday and another curve ball. We woke up and Owen’s rash was worse and all over now. We called Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta nurse line and waited and waited for a response on what to do. They kept saying that rashes are hard to diagnose and to watch him and see how the rash reacts. It seemed to be getting better and slowly fading by mid morning so since we weren’t heading home or to a doctor we decided to head to Disney. He seemed like his normal, happy self…

After only about an hour or so at the park Owen’s rash was getting far worse and we found ourselves in the first aid center trying to find a Children’s Hospital in Orlando. Off we went to spend the afternoon at the ER.

Ryan was a trooper and was such a sport. He actually seemed pretty excited to go see “doc”. He absolutely loves his and Owen’s doctor and every day asks to go see “doc”. We’re pretty lucky about this since they seem to be at the doctor office all the time!

Owen’s rash was diagnosed as an allergic reaction to the Augmentin he was on. It wasn’t his first time he was on this drug, but like they said it can happen on the first dose or the 100th dose. For Owen it happened on the 3rd dose. I asked if Owen needed to stay away from sun, pool, chlorine or Disney and the response was “Nope. Just stay away from Augmentin.”

So off to Disney we went on Sunday again (Owen’s rash was almost completely gone at this point). I should back up a bit. Before we left Disney on Saturday to head to the ER, we asked very politely if we could receive any sort of credit since we just spent over $150 on tickets and we were only there for just over an hour. They were awesome and gave us two new tickets to come back the next day. Yes, we were THAT family.

On Saturday night after our ER visit and dinner we headed to the pool again. We had a little fishie on our hands who again NEEDED to go swimming. We swam and splashed and jumped off the edge over and over again. Ryan ran through the fountains and screamed with excitement. Seriously, this kid is the cutest ever (sorry to all other parents reading this post, but he seriously is such a cool kid!!).

Daddy finally persuaded him out of the water with a homemade strawberry milkshake. Yum! Unfortunately, after only a few delicious sips there was a handoff mishap between Ryan and mommy and on the ground the milkshake went. Yes, we were THAT family again.

I seriously considered scooping up the “clean” part of the $6 milkshake on the ground, but reconsidered. While going to get napkins to clean up this disaster , the nice guy at the counter offered a new milkshake to us. Again, we were THAT family.

On Sunday, Ryan woke up and we could hear him say through the monitor “I need see O-wee. Oh! Yook! O-wee right dere” It was so cute; so sweet. I think Ryan really enjoyed sharing a bedroom with Owen while on vacation. And Owen equally enjoyed it.

We arrived at Disney and Ryan and Owen both were absolutely amazing. They were bright eyed and amazed and just watched and looked around. We rode a boat, a train and another boat. Ryan even rode on daddy’s shoulders while Owen caught a ride in the front carrier.

We saw Pluto, Chip & Dale, Goofy, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. Ryan of course wouldn’t get too close to any of them, but still watched in amazement as all the other kids hugged the characters. He watched with his shades on of course. He had to at least look cool if he was keeping a safe distance from those scary things!

Ryan ran through the fountains, played on the slides and thoroughly enjoyed his day at Disney. He rode the carousel and was very intrigued with how it worked and why he was moving up and down.
One of the highlights of the day was feeding the duck that walked right up to Ryan. Yes, we have ducks in our neighborhood that we could have fed instead of going all the way to Disney to do it, but Ryan loved it!! He screamed with excitement as the duck would take the bread from his hand. “More. More! I NEED feed duck!”
The day wasn’t without a boo-boo though. Mommy got stung by some bug and off we went again to first aid. Yep, again THAT family.

Neither kid cried or had a meltdown. Ryan listened and was so well behaved. Seriously well behaved. Shockingly well behaved actually. The kid is two yrs old and definitely knows how to throw a temper tantrum, but not this weekend. Seriously well behaved.

By late afternoon we were hitting our breaking point (by that I mean mommy & daddy’s breaking point) so we found a place to watch the parade and vegged a bit.
When the parade started, Ryan “marched” like the musicians. He clapped his hands with the crowd. He was totally and completed enthralled with the parade. He pointed out each character in excitement (he didn’t know any of them before this trip!). He watched and smiled and laughed. He participated throughout the whole parade and waved to the characters and got so excited when they waved back to him. “Yook momma! U-fee (goofy) wave Rian”

When the witch float came through, Owen’s eyes widened and Ryan stepped back a few steps. Ryan even got a scowl on his face (yes, a total mommy expression!).
Luckily the float passed and Ryan was back to clapping, waving and cheering on the “nice” characters. Seeing the excitement on his face was breathtaking. It was one of those moments you never want to forget. You want to think about it over and over again; on good days and bad days you want to think about the smile on his face as he watched the Disney parade.
Ryan also learned his first “little brother” lesson. Owen is becoming a quick little guy and after eyeing up Ryan’s lollipop for awhile, he swooped right in, grabbed it and took a huge slurp on it!

Ryan was shocked, confused and didn’t really know what to do about it. He definitely kept an eye on that little brother of his so he wouldn’t do it again though.

Owen on the other hand seemed so pleased with himself and his lollipop face. Yes, I know a 7 month old shouldn’t have a lollipop and sugar, but he LOVED the lick he got!!
Our Disney day was over. We were heading back to the hotel. It was fun, exciting, overwhelming and so perfect. We could not have asked for two better kids; two kids who were better behaved; two kids who were more perfect. They were awesome and seemed to really love vacation.

The rest of the trip was uneventful and as we drove home to cold, windy ATL we realized that nothing could compare to the excitement of our Disney weekend. Ryan even resorted to sticking fruit snacks on his forehead. Hey, whatever amuses a 2 year old!
Back to reality; back to work; back to it all. This morning we had one time out and had to bribe him to get his diaper changed and then had to bribe him again to wear the shoes I wanted him to wear (really I would have settled for anything other than the sandals he wanted to wear without socks on this 37 degree morning!). And then we had to persuade him to come out from behind the rocking chair in Owen’s classroom while he pitched a terrible fit and screamed.
Yep, back to reality. Oh and I forgot to pack Owen’s bottle for school and had to come back home to make one and then had to go back to daycare. Oh and I woke up with a terrible sore throat and head cold and ne
eded to stop and get meds before getting to work just so I could make it through the day.

Yep, we were THAT family. THAT family that cannot wait for the next family vacation. Call me crazy, but I love vacationing with my kids. I don’t need the break from them, but rather need the break with them. I love spending time together as a family without the everyday stresses.

Although a weekend away just Jim and I would be nice too….. any takers who want to sit the boys for a weekend?!
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