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Family Moments & Memories….

.The other night after reading a few of our favorite books (Bear Snores On; I Love You As Much; Do Like a Duck Does; and One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish just to name a few), Ryan and I were just laying in his big boy bed talking about his day. The conversation […]

Mahnah Mahnah….

.The other night Jim started singing Mahnah Mahnah while getting the kids ready for bed. They sang this over and over and over until I finally went upstairs to find out what was going on. Much to my surprise, daddy, Owen and Ryan were all in the office watching Mahnah Mahnah on YouTube. Ryan very […]

Since When is Planting Flowers Dangerous?!

. Well, perhaps mommy should have paid attention to the huge warning posted on the Bumbo. Don’t place on tables; don’t place on uneven surface, yada, yada, yada. Daddy has been complaining about the patch of grass by our mailbox. This little patch of grass sits between the sidewalk and the street and is tough […]

Another Ear Infection for Owen….

.With Owen’s last ear infection just before our vacation to Disney World, Dr. Beckford gave us a referral to an ENT. I immediately made his appointment and they were already booking 6 weeks out. We were scheduled to see Dr. Thompsen on May 5 at Scottish Rite. I called the scheduler back several times to […]

Where There is Food…..There is Delta!!!

. The other day, Owen was very busy eating puffs and every time I looked over at him, the puffs were gone. I couldn’t imagine how he was eating them so quickly, but I kept filling his tray with more puffs to keep him busy while I was making dinner. I would turn my back […]

Easter – Take TWO!

. Even though Momma and Ryan had a great time in Wisconsin at Ga-Ma and Ga-Pa’s for Easter, we decided to do Easter again this past weekend with O-wee and Daddy too. After all, it was Owen’s 1st Easter and he wanted to take part in dying Easter eggs. Daddy started the morning picking up […]

Got Any Fun Suggestions??

.I know it’s only Monday, but I’m already looking forward to the weekend! Any fun suggestions of things to do this weekend in Atlanta with a toddler (28 months) and infant (8 months)? Do you know of any outdoor festivals? Any new exhibits? Any one day road trips you’d suggest? Any fun art projects you’ve […]

From Our Minneapolis Visit….

.Sylvie and Ryan hadn’t seen each other in about a year and they picked up right where they left off. Well not quite, but the idea is there. Last year Sylvie wasn’t even crawling so playtime together wasn’t quite as much fun as this time around. Let me back up to Shanna’s and my friendship. […]

Why Wear Pants?!

.No need for pants this weekend. At least for Owen that is. He can’t keep them on long enough to make it worthwhile so we’ve decided to just skip them today. I believe I’m on poopy diaper #487 since Friday. Oh, and bath #372. I would like to think we’ve got one clean kid on […]

BIG Big Boy Bed….

.With all the traveling we’ve been doing this month (some planned, some unplanned) Ryan has had an opportunity to sleep in a BIG big boy bed. Not just a little big boy bed (aka – toddler bed). So on Friday night as he was getting ready for bed and putting his pjs on, we suggested […]

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