Snow, Snow, Snow… in ATL?!

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For the past week or so we’ve had beautiful weather. It’s been in the 60’s and 70’s and the trees have buds and some have leaves on them already. I’ve seen a few daffodils here and there so signs of Spring are definitely present here in Atlanta. People have been out mowing lawns and doing yard work. We’ve been out for walks, trips to the park and we haven’t had to wear jackets much these last few days.

Well today it started snowing. It started with a few light flurries and I was all excited. I got Ryan very excited as well. I decided to bundle him up and head outside to see the snow. By the time I found all of our hats and mittens (I had already put them away for the year) it was really coming down hard. It was starting to stick on the ground at this point too.

As soon as we stepped outside Ryan ran into the snow exclaiming “Ryan love snow momma! Ryan love snow!” He ran around the yard screaming in excitement! Mind you, the kid has never seen snow before so he had no idea what it was prior to this moment, but he truly did seem to love it.

I taught him how to make snowballs and throw them (gently). Every time he’d throw one he’d shout in a VERY excited voice “gotcha momma! gotcha!” And he would laugh and laugh when mommy would get him back.

After alot of playing in the snow, we headed into the house to dry off, have some hot chocolate and take a nap. When I handed him his hot cocoa he took a sip and said “yum momma. Ot oco!” We snuggled on the couch for a bit in front of the portable heater to dry off and warm up and then headed up for a much needed nap. All that fresh, snowy air wore Ryan out!

Once he was down in bed, I took Delta out for a bit and we threw snowballs and played in the snow. She also loved it and ran and ran in the backyard. She’d catch the snowballs and run some more. Delta and I even made a snowman! Delta did not like this though and barked and barked when I was rolling each layer. She did not like this new “person” living in our backyard.

It’s truly a winter wonderland out there right now. I know everyone in MN & WI are tired of winter and ready for Spring, for us in Atlanta, it definitely was a fun little change to the Spring we’d been having so far! And once today is over, I’m sure I’ll be ready to be back to warmer weather and flowers and leaves, but for now, we’re enjoying a taste of Minnesota here in Georgia!!

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