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I noticed that all of our posts lately are about Ryan and hardly anything on poor little O-wee. So this one is ALL about Owen.

Owen had his 6 month check up about a week ago and weighed in at 20.5 pounds. Good grief! He’s already in 12 month clothes and quickly outgrowing them. He got his first tooth on the bottom on Valentines Day (02.14.09) and his second tooth yesterday on Mommy’s birthday (02.28.09).
He is rolling around back and forth and trying so hard to crawl. He “swims” on the floor will sometimes lift all limbs off the ground and balance on his belly. He can push his chest off the ground and kick his legs, but so far no actual crawling movement. He’s getting there though.
He gets this smug little look on his face that is really cute. He looks so proud of himself!

Owen was particularly enjoying bath night the other night and was splashing and laughing like crazy. I think he was overtired and was just giddy with giggles. He played and played and splashed and laughed and thought everything was funny.
He did look a little annoyed though when daddy made him take a splash-break to get his hair washed. He has HUGE blue eyes!

After bathtime, we wrapped him in his little robe and he thought it was hilarious! He was all smiles as we were snuggling and cuddling him.
He is seriously one happy baby!
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