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Our Lucy-kins…

.If you know us well, you have heard us whine and complain about Lucy. She is a mischievious little cat that meows ALL the time. She is extremely needy and has to be laying on you every chance she has. She loves to knead you on your legs, arms, back; basically anywhere she can get […]

Dirty Bananas…

.I need to solicit advertisers for our blog. Cleaning advertisers to be precise. Perhaps Johnson & Johnson would be interested. Or maybe an antibacterial company is what we need. Since our last post the weather in Atlanta has been absolutely beautiful. We are back to the flowers blooming, trees sprouting leaves and the grass turning […]

Snow, Snow, Snow… in ATL?!

.For the past week or so we’ve had beautiful weather. It’s been in the 60’s and 70’s and the trees have buds and some have leaves on them already. I’ve seen a few daffodils here and there so signs of Spring are definitely present here in Atlanta. People have been out mowing lawns and doing […]

All About Owen….

.I noticed that all of our posts lately are about Ryan and hardly anything on poor little O-wee. So this one is ALL about Owen. Owen had his 6 month check up about a week ago and weighed in at 20.5 pounds. Good grief! He’s already in 12 month clothes and quickly outgrowing them. He […]

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