Happy Birthday Mommy!

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“Happ-ee bir-day momma!”

This is what I heard over and over again from Ryan today. And it never got old. Every time he said it was just as sweet and cute as the last time.

Ryan got mommy a Dr. Suess Circus book and Owen got mommy a home-made baby food book. Both were very appropriate gifts since Owen loves to eat and Ryan loves to read (and we went on a date to the circus not long ago). Daddy bought mommy some wine and anti-stress/relaxing bath salts. Very appropriate and much needed.

We decided to do a family dinner and took the boys to a hibachi dinner. We don’t go out for dinner much anymore since it seems to be more work than it’s worth with two little ones. But we decided we’d try it tonight. Ryan was in rare form though and extra tantrummy so I was a little nervous and almost backed out last minute and ordered dinner to the house. Owen is getting a few teeth so I wasn’t sure how he would do either.

We walked in and immediately they sat us which was good. Jim went to put Owen down in the highchair and he immediately stuck out his bottom lip and burst into tears. Ryan sat like a big boy in his booster seat not saying/doing too much. The man came out and started his show and immediately Ryan and Owen both burst into tears and Ryan was terrified. Owen was just pouty/moody and didn’t like anyone or anything going on around him.

Ryan eventually got over it and enjoyed the show. He would even say “T Man” every time the man did another “trick” in his show. Ryan really seemed to get into the whole thing and enjoyed it, but Owen never showed a smile and any time someone would look at him he would stick out his lip and start crying.

Ryan LOVED the food and ate so much fried rice! He was shoveling it into his mouth. Although so were mommy and daddy!

All in all not a bad experience. The funniest part though was when we were waiting for our check and the lady next to me asked what “that” was. I told her edamame and she said she’d never heard of it so I let her try a piece. She liked it and then proceeded to ask the server for a small container so she could take it home with her!!! Who takes someone elses leftovers home with them?! AND… without asking!!!

“Happ-ee bir-day momma!”

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