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I love listening to Ryan talk. He is becoming so good at it and jabbers away all day long. He is at a point where you can have conversations with him and reason with him. Granted, he doesn’t always understand the outcome of his “reasonings” but none-the-less it’s cute.

For example, the other day on the way home from daycare he really wanted to watch Elmo in the car. A mommy can only handle so much Elmo in such a small confined space like a vehicle so I decided to reason with him and give him the choice between a jelly bean or watching Elmo. He immediately chose “ca-dee momma” and when I handed him the jelly bean he reconfirmed “no Elmo momma. No watch Elmo” and sat very quietly and ate his candy. Of course when the candy was all gone, he immediately said “Elmo momma. Elmo. Ca-dee all gone. Elmo now.”

Today, he specifically asked for a piece of ca-dee and I again reasoned with him and told him that if he went to help his brother out and pick up the puppy dog that Owen dropped, I would give him the jelly bean. He told me “no momma. Ryan no help O-wee.” So I informed him that he couldn’t have the jelly bean then. He sat on the floor in the kitchen and pouted so I went over to get the puppy for Owen and Ryan was immediately behind me following me into the family room. I picked up the dog and handed it to Owen and when I turned to walk away Ryan quietly took the dog from Owen and placed it back on the floor and then picked it up again and loudly said, “Here O-wee. Here doggie. Rufff! Mom-mee Ryan help O-wee! Ca-dee now.”

Some would say we bribe our child, but I like to think of it as “reason” with him. A friend once said she gave her kiddo Diet Coke to try to get her to take her medicine. She followed it up with a “don’t judge me until you’ve tried to get an 18 month old to take icky medicine.” I laughed and couldn’t help think we’ve all been there and sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

Back to Ryan’s language though. Everyday when he tells me a new story and uses new words, I hope I will always remember this age and his choice of words. I know I won’t though so I’m going to journal some of my favorites now and share with everyone.

Momma, Mom-mee, Maa!: He uses any of these terms when calling for me. Usually momma is what he says when he’s all sweet and playful. Mom-mee is when he is whiny and crabby. Maa! is always used in a totally annoyed and yelling type of voice. It’s usually used when I’m not in the same room and flat out ignoring him and his pleas for whatever it is he wants. He yells it in very short, hard, loud shouts. Maa! Maa! Maa! They progressively get louder and louder too.

Dad-dee: He only has one term for daddy. This is usually followed with a tilt of the head and Ryan telling me “dad-dee go to work” or “dad-dee take shower” or “where are YOU dad-dee??” in a sing songy voice. And every night I hear “dad-dee ome!” when daddy comes home from work. Every morning it’s “morn dad-dee” or “yook dad-dee” when he shows him what he’s wearing for the day.

O-wee: This is the nickname that Ryan gave to Owen from birth and it’s stuck. We all call him O-wee now and so do the neighbors, kids at school and the teachers. Owen just smiles and laughs; he loves it. Lately, we’ve been calling him just “O” since Owen or O-wee is far too long. Ha!

Mi-yo: This is what Ryan calls both of the cats. We have two cats – Milo and Lucy, but Ryan calls them both “Mi-yo” until we correct him and tell him that’s not Milo, it’s Lucy.

Yu-cee: When he does realize it’s not “Mi-yo” he then calls her “Yu-cee” and usually follows it up with several pats on his knee and clicking of his tongue trying to get “Yu-cee” to come to him. It rarely ever works and in fact makes “Yu-cee” run further away. But you have to give him credit for trying.

De-ta: Delta. It’s usually followed with “de-ta naughtee. In ouse de-ta” Which all together that means: In your house Delta. Or we hear quite often “de-ta on bed”

Es it. No more: This is what he tells us when HE reasons with US. After reading several books, he’ll look at us so sweet, tilt his head and say “es it momma. No more.” which means he wants just one more book. This is it, no more. He will say it after each of nine books though.

Nug: This means snuggle. He typically tells me this to get out of going to sleep. “nug momma. nug with Ryan.”

Side: This word has two meanings. The first one is short for “outside” He will say this over and over again wanting to go outside. “side momma. side. Ryan walk to Addie house momma. Side.” The second meaning is “slide” which means he wants to go to the park. Typically he will say “side with Morg.” We went to the park once with his classmate and friend Morgan and since then he thinks everytime we go to the park Morgan will be there. He is very upset when we don’t see Morgan there.

Ca-dee: I already touched on this one and explained that this means “candy” He doesn’t get much candy at all, yet it’s the first thing he will say when he wakes up in the morning. He will say it about 20 times throughout the day. And he always asks one more time before bed. “Ca-dee momma. Ca-dee.”

O: Short for either Owen or Grover. He will not say Grover, but rather just calls him “O” all the time.

Bi-Bird: Meaning Big Bird.

Ome: Home. Usually in the sentence “dad-dee ome!”

Dad-dad: Granddad (Jim’s dad)

Ga-pa: Grandpa (either Grandpa Sandy or Grandpa Paul)

Ga-ma: Grandma. He calls all three Grandma’s Ga-ma, but he knows which one he is talking about or to. If you get confused, he will say “no-no momma. GA-ma” and emphasize the word as if that will make more sense.

Vac: This means vacuum. Ryan LOVES to vacuum and sweep and when he gets the urge to do so he will shout “Vac momma. Vac!” I’m not complaining!

Boom: Broom. Same thing as “vac”

Ella-Shant: Elephant. We hear this alot because his new favorite movie is Horton Hears a Who so he constantly asks to “watch Ella-shant”

Mum-mee: This means Monkey.

Tick: “No tick dad-dee. No tick.” Tick = Tickle.

T: Short for Thank you. He will say “T dad-dee. T”

Peese: Please. He uses both sign language and speaking for this word. If you ask him “what do you say” he will always follow with “peese” and the sign for it as well.

I You: I love you. After saying it back to him he will say “I You More” over and over again as long as you continue to say it back to him.

Ug: Hug. He loves to give hugs and kisses and will just randomly come up to you and hug your leg as he announces “ug momma. ug”

Appy Birday: Happy Birthday. He stills tells me on a daily basis “appy birday dad-dad” Granddad’s birthday was over a month ago and Ryan still loves to say it. Lately though he’s been telling me “appy birday momma. Ug” and runs over to me to give me a big hug.

He has so many more words, but these are just a few of the more frequently used ones around the house lately. Every morning while getting dressed he will announce “O-wee go see Fe-sha. Ryan go see Fa-zia” Owen’s morning teacher is Ms. Felicia and Ryan’s is Ms. Fawzia.

Every day Ryan is talking more and more and is not only putting words together to make sentences now, but is putting sentences together to make stories. Tonight he fell down and then ran over to me and said “I fall down mom-mee. I get hurt. Ouch!” and so I asked him where he hurt himself and he told me “I hurt chin mom-mee. Ug chin.” and pointed his chin toward me for a kiss and a hug.

He is at s
uch a fun age right now. Even though there are many moments and quite often full days that are challenging and difficult dealing with his opinions and attitude, he is just so much fun. Tonight Ryan and I argued for quite some time regarding dinner. He thought he should be able to have 4 packets of dinosaur fruit snacks while I thought he should actually have the dinner I made for him. In the end, after tears and tantrums, he ate his dinner and THEN had dinosaurs. And to his surprise daddy also brought home Carvel cake for mommy’s birthday tomorrow. Yum! We had some tonight and boy was Ryan excited! He forgot all about the dinosaurs after that……

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