A Trip to the Zoo….Brrr!

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When I let Delta out this morning, the sun was shining, the birds chirping and I couldn’t help but think it was a perfect February day to head to the zoo! So while Owen did a little tummy time and Ryan worked on another masterpiece, mommy & daddy got ready for the zoo!

After packing diapers, bottles, snacks, juice, water, blankets, toys, and lunch we were off for a fun morning at the zoo. We arrived at the zoo and got the boys in the stroller and realized it was absolutely freezing outside. The thermometer said 48, but the wind was very strong and it was very, very chilly.

Neither of the kids seemed to mind at all and had a blast. Ryan loved the “ma-mingos” (otherwise known as flamingos). He thought it was hilarious that they were taking a bath in the cold water. As always, his favorite was the “ela-shants” (otherwise known as elephants). Today, he also liked the pandas and had fun watching them. Especially when they would come right up to the window.

We almost left Ryan at the zoo because he was mistakenly identified as a kangaroo, a panda and an “ela-shant” throughout our little journey.

After a quick tour of the zoo we packed it up and headed home to get naps in before Grandad and Grandmom got to the house. We had received a surprise call this morning that they were going to come over for an afternoon visit. We were all so excited and since January everytime we even mention Grandad his first response is “Happy Bir-day dad-dad.” I now realize that he didn’t even wish dad-dad a happy bir-day once he did actually see him.

We had a yummy dinner, great company and yes, of course there were stories. It wouldn’t be a complete visit from dad-dad and Ga-Ma if books weren’t read. Ryan stacked them on dad-dad and waited semi-patiently for him to read them.

Owen practiced his eye/hand coordination with some puffs. Delta loves days when “practice” eating occur. Yep – she’s gaining weight daily from all the food she gets (aka steals) from the boys. We even had to loosen her collar a notch.

Don’t even think about taking one off my tray, dog.

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