Mommy & Ryan Go On a Date to the Circus….

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Ryan and Mommy decided to go on a date day to the circus. We said bye-bye to daddy and Owie and off we went to enjoy a fun day.

We got there early to enjoy the pre-show where we could down on the circus floor to see the elephants and clowns and other circus acts. The day started a bit rocky because when we started to head down to the floor, Ryan absolutely freaked and threw a temper tantrum. I immediately thought the rest of the day was going to continue in the same fashion, but once we sat down in our seats Ryan LOVED the circus. He sat there completely amused and enjoyed every act. Anytime an animal would come out, I would hear a super excited, “Momma yook! It’s tigers – ROAR!” or “Momma yook! It’s ele-shants!!” or “Momma yook! It’s horsies! Nae! Nae!”

He never asked to get up out of his seat and he sat very still just watching everything. During intermission, I even bought him a super huge lollipop as a special treat for being such a good kiddo and such a good listener. He was so proud of himself as he sat in his seat licking his “olliop”

Ryan picked out a light up elephant toy for himself and a stuffed elephant for Owen. He was so excited to give Owen his new toy and kept telling me that “Ryan buy Owie ele-shant.”

At the end, all of the performers and most of the animals came back out and Ryan was standing in his chair trying to tell everyone bye-bye. He really did enjoy his day. And so did mommy!

Bye Bye Circus! See you next year!

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