Happy Valentine's Day!

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Ryan had to stay up late on Thursday night and finish all of his Valentine’s for his party at school on Friday. He procrastinated and didn’t finish in time so he sacrificed bathtime for the last minute touches on his Valentine goodie bags for his friends and teachers. He even helped Owen with his.

Time for a little snack break and a quick peek at Finding Nemo.

And here’s the finished product! Ryan’s little Valentine goodie bags for all of his friends. And now it’s off to bed so Ryan can be all rested for the party at school…..

The party at school was so much fun! There were lots of kids in red and pink and Valentine outfits. There was candy and cupcakes and fun goodies.

I think the class enjoyed the cupcakes the most….

Owen just sat back, took it all in and enjoyed a bottle.

And now Ryan would like to blow a kiss to all of his family and friends…. have a great Valentine’s Day everyone!

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