Ryan's New Big Boy Bed!

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A few weeks ago Ryan got a big boy bed. Well a semi big boy bed anyway. We took the front of his crib off and turned it into a toddler bed. He loves it!

I was a little worried that it would disrupt our bedtime routine and since he wasn’t climbing out of his crib or minding being in it, I really didn’t want to mess with a good thing. But Jim was determined that Ryan was too big for a crib and that we had to make the transition sometime, so why not now?

After alot of hesitation, off came the front of the crib! Much to my surprise, Ryan has done perfectly fine with this new routine. We still rock and read books and then the lights go out and Ryan climbs up into his bed and mommy snuggles for a few minutes while we say our prayers together. He loves that I can lay with him and share his pillow “momma snug, momma snug right here” as he taps his pillow.

He sleeps through the night and doesn’t fall out. In the mornings, he wakes up and will get down to pick out a book and then climb back into bed and lay there and read until we go up to get him. He really is such a sweet little kid.

I still have a hard time believing he is almost 26 months already. Where has the time gone?!

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