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Ok, so since I receive this from so many people on Facebook, I finally decided to complete my 25 Things About Me list. And since it took so long to think of all 25 things I figured I might as well post it on our blog as well.


1. My full name is Jean Ann Gazdik and some of my family as well as some of my friends from my hometown still call me “Jean Ann”

2. I talk about getting rid of my three animals (1 dog; 2 cats) all the time, but never, ever actually would go through with it. They just know how to push my buttons and annoy me (daily!). But they also know how to give unconditional love so that outweighs their annoying habits. Or at least most of them.

3. I hate a messy house, but also get tired of constantly picking it up so sometimes “messy” wins.

4. I miss having parties at the Tracks in Ino. Last year was the first year in many that they hosted one and I was prego and couldn’t travel. I was so bummed that weekend knowing how much fun I missed out on.

5. I’ve been to the SuperBowl (twice) and my husband reminds me of it all the time and that it’s unfair I got to go and I didn’t even know who was playing (either time)! A perk of my job back then….

6. I hate spending money on socks. I feel like it’s such a waste of money; I’m not sure why though since I wear socks all the time and don’t like when my feet are cold (which they always are).

7. I don’t like chocolate much. I will eat it if it has peanut butter or carmel with it, but otherwise I don’t ever crave or want chocolate. Well when I’m not pregnant anyway. I couldn’t get enough chocolate, ice cream, cookies, cakes, etc when I was pregnant with Owen. I’m surprised I didn’t gain more weight since I lived off of all of those items.

8. I drive a Honda Odyssey and while I never, ever thought I would own a minivan, I absolutely love it. Yes, I am a suburban minivan mommy!

9. We have Netflix and watch movies all the time (on weekends) after the kids are in bed. However, I cannot tell you the endings of any of them since I can’t seem to stay awake through a whole movie. It doesn’t matter if we start it at 7:30pm or 10pm – I ALWAYS fall asleep!

10. I love to find a good deal and save money. I don’t “coupon” shop often, but when I do I always try to beat my previous “savings” – it’s my own personal challenge.

11. I want to be a runner and I keep thinking someday I’ll run Grandma’s Marathon (or the half), but just can’t bring myself to actually go out and run. Even just a few steps. Guess I won’t be running a marathon anytime soon.

12. I love to organize. I could spend all day organizing…. don’t confuse this with #3 cleaning a messy house though. Cleaning and organizing are very different. Or they are in my mind anyway. It’s a trait that Ryan has picked up on and he gets all upset if daddy doesn’t close his dresser drawers or if a sock is hanging out of it. It must be fixed immediately and Ryan will say “no-no daddee” as he corrects the situation.

13. The night before I met Jim on the airplane I vowed that the coming year was all for me to figure out my career, buy a house, etc. I did not want a boyfriend. Then I met Jim and everything changed. I couldn’t imagine my life without him from that first passing glance in the airport. All I could think was that I didn’t even have any makeup on; my hair was in a ponytail; I was in running shoes (even though I don’t run!) and I was terribly sick with a cold. And he still asked me out!! Now 2 kids, a dog, 2 cats, a house and a minivan later…. here we are. I think of that chance encounter often and realize how lucky I am that we got onto the same flight.

14. I love holidays…..Thanksgiving, Easter, 4th of July…. I especially love Christmas. I love the lights and decor and family times. I love listening to Christmas music and wrapping presents. I also loved to give Jim a hard time this year with the “cheesy” Christmas lights/decor outside on our house, but secretly I loved coming home to them everyday. They were perfect. Even when the snowman would fall down and Ryan would freak out saying “snowman fall down” over and over until we went outside to fix him.

15. As much as I complain about the cold weather in ATL (yes, I know in comparison it’s not really that cold), I really miss the snow and winter weather of CO, MN or WI. I always reason that if we lived somewhere with true winter weather we’d be prepared for it with snowsuits, sleds and skiis. And we’d take advantage of everything winter had to offer. But instead we live where it’s not true winter weather and most days we head out without gloves, hats, etc even though it’s only 25 degrees. That’s when I complain because I’m not dressed for or prepared for the cold. Plus nobody is outside during the winter weather here; everyone stays inside. If it’s going to be this cold, it should just snow.

16. Prior to marriage and kids, I absolutely loved change…. traveling, moving, new haircut, new scenary, new products, etc. Now with a husband and two kiddos, I absolutely love stability. The boys bring enough change and variety to my life that I don’t need to create any additional change on my own.

17. Even though I’m usually still wanting 10 minutes more of sleep in the morning, my favorite sound is of the boys waking up and hearing them through the monitor. Owen plays and babbles in his crib and Ryan talks and reads books…. there isn’t a sweeter sound in the world then two completely happy and refreshed little boys. And these are the moments I reflect on throughout the day as Ryan throws a two year old temper tantrum and won’t cooperate.

18. I love Coke and refuse to drink Pepsi. It’s a good thing I live in ATL… a city of Coke products. If a restaurant serves Pepsi products here it’s typically posted right on the door as you enter. You have to love that!

19. I am so thankful for my family and all of the wonderful friends I have made through my life. I have been fortunate to travel the world with my career and have met some of the most incredible and fascinating people that truly do mean everything to me.

20. I would love to own my own business someday…. not sure what I would do, but it’s something I dream of all the time.

21. I love when people pop in for surprise visits. For instance, a few weeks after Ryan was born, my cousin Cathy called and said she was driving through ATL and wanted to come by to meet the new little man. Or when my friend Karen called from the ATL airport saying she missed her flight and needed a place to stay. Or when my godson Justin called and said that because of weather he may be stranded in ATL for the night (didn’t work out, but I was so excited to possibly see him!). I even love when our doorbell rings and a neighbor is here to say hi while out on a walk. It is one of my favorite things about our neighborhood; people just randomly come by to visit. This is also why I like our house to be clean and not messy, but it never fails that they show up on one of those days where “messy” wins. Bummer.

22. I met Tim McGraw in college and partied with his band on their bus in Duluth, MN. They even gave us front row seats and backstage passes to a concert the next night in Fargo, ND. Such a fun night Shanna & Andrea!! I’ve seen him in concert about 20 times since and still love him just as much as that first concert for $5 in 1994…..

23. I love being a mom. It’s the most challenging thing I have ever done, but also the most rewarding!! I would have 5 kids, but Jim won
‘t let me 🙂 Heck, I can’t even convince him to have just one more…. but I haven’t given up on that one just yet.

24. I love to sell things on Craigslist. I don’t buy things off there too often, but I sell everything! I’ve even sold our kitchen sink!!

25. And last but not least….. I love my boys! All three of them…. Jim, Ryan and Owen are my everything and as tired and stressed out that I am on any given day, I still put them first and would do anything in the world for any of them. Anyone need a dog or two cats though?!?!?

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